PAMANA, New England Region of USA


PAMANA Philippine-American Mainstream Advocacy for Nonpartisan Associations in Massachusetts

Philippine-American Mainstream Advocacy for Nonpartisan Associations, Inc. or PAMANA is based in Denham, Massachusetts. In June 2006, the need to celebrate the Philippine Independence Day each year in the New England region of the USA, the “Filipino Community Centennial Committee of New England, Inc.” was renamed, PAMANA.

PAMANA’s mission and objectives

To foster and strengthen cooperation among Filipino-American organizations in the New England region of the United States and encourage active participation of Filams in the region to celebrate the Philippine Independence Day.

The non-profit organization also takes part in coordinating and mobilizing Filam organizations in the region to respond and give assistance to victims of calamities in the Philippines.

Isabelo Fracel Solar
Isabelo and Fracel Solar, chairman emeritus of PAMANA, New England Region


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