Big Brother Silenced Parler Conservative Voice


Orwellian “Big Brother Tech” Google, Apple, Facebook, Silenced Parler’s Conservative Voice Platform

George Orwell’s 1984′ book, drawn from Nazi dictatorship, may predicate America in an Orwellian society. Centered on “Big Brother.” Orwell might as well be describing “Big Brother Tech,” apparently muzzling conservatives.

After declaring Biden 46th President-elect in 2021, five major conservative figures Atty. Powell, Gen. Flynn, Dr. Watkins, ex-Mayor Giuliani, and Trump were suspended from social media platforms because of exposing ‘electoral fraud.’

They were accused of spreading disinformation by PolitiFact-Checker. The reason, fact-checkers need fact-checking.

Silenced by Twitter, “BIG TECH Amazon, Apple, Google “de-platforms Parler App.” The still sitting President used Parler as a Twitter alternative.

“A sitting President” and accounts that support him banned by at least 18 platforms — Parler not enough

Amazon AWS
Twitch (Amazon)

Parler App promoting “free speech,” accused of fostering violence by mainstream media

Parler and Signal became the No. 1 downloaded apps after BIG TECH canceled Trump. However, they shut Parler down and accused it of not moderating conservative voices, which is counterintuitive. [Business Insider]

Mainstream media (MSM) echoes allegations of spreading harm, perpetuated by conservatives in Parler

ABC highlights “AWS’s allegations of violent content, death threats…” MSNBC reported Parler had “violent content” while CNN associated Parler with “hate-filled, violent speech.” Conservatives have always stood against far-left liberal ideologies.

Cancelling Trump not limited to internet platforms

On January 12, Deutsche Bank said they would no longer do business with Trump, despite years of relationship. Trumpism is taking its toll. [Reuters]

Trump Derangement Syndrome.

America’s frontline doctors led by Dr. Simon Gold was cancelled by social media in 2020. The group in Atlanta to protest against forcing millions of Americans to take an experimental vaccine, a pathogen with a survival rate of 99.7%.

Who’s next to be taken down?

Freedom of speech has its limits, says social media giants. The reason Twitter suspended over 70k accounts sharing QAnon unproven conspiracy.

Last year, Facebook took down over 7 Million misinformation on Coronavirus treatment, according to WP. Stanford Lawyer and COVID frontline Dr. Simon Gold said she was “censored by social media,” Squarespace took down their website.

Conservatives under attack.

Parler CEO John Matze said there was no prior notice of the shutdown. They just wanted the platform to be a safe space for a “free speech forum,” which America is known for.

Bottom line, a liberal double standard

Conservative editor, Ben Shapiro puts it, “Imagine if, in the midst of the massive BLM riots this summer, the entire tech infrastructure had deplatformed Facebook because some had used that app to plan events devolving into violence…

World leaders speak out against cancel culture

Germany’s Merkel, Brazil’s Bolsonaro, France’s Le Maire, Australia PM McCormack, Mexico’s Obrador, and European Union’s Beaune, all spoke against the cancel culture happening, reported NY Post.

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