NutriAsia TVC promotes PRIDE “woke ad”


NutriAsia promotes LGBTQ PRIDE “woke advertisement,” a first in Philippine TVC

In May 19, 2022, NutriAsia launched “Masarap na love, masayang celebration” ad. The blurb reads, “Celebrate and take pride in the love and bond you share. Kasama ninyo ang NutriAsia sa araw-araw na para pasayahin at pasarapin ang bonding with your family!

The advertisement is the first of its kind in the Philippines, known for its conservative values. The video ad concept runs under the precepts of “Masaya together” or “Happy together.”

NutriAsia’s commercial has almost six million views a month after it launched. Comments of the posted video on YouTube were “turned off,” as the company faced backlash from conservative and religious Filipinos who do not support PRIDE month.

The products highlighted in the advertisement were Wow Sarap, Golden Fiesta, Datu Puti, Silver Swan Soy Sauce, Locally, and other popular UFC brands. The TVC ad featured a rainbow-colored “PRIDE cake” as its centerpiece.

The commercial coincides with the Gay PRIDE march in the country.



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