News Blunder: Prince Philip’s wreath

Australia’s News 9 reporter mistakenly said the wreath for Prince Philip was done by the florist who did “Flowers of Meghan and Harry’s Funeral”

In 2021, the news anchor from News 9 ‘Today Show,’ broadcasting from Los Angeles, appears to have accidentally said that the wreath for Prince Philip was crafted by a florist responsible for the flowers at “Meghan and Harry’s funeral.”

At around 1 minute of the video, the news reporter from Los Angeles said the following:

It was done by her (Meghan’s) favorite florist, Willow Crossley—who did the flowers for Megan and Harry’s funeral and Archie’s christening.”

The ‘wreath and note’ was from the Queen, not Meghan

The ‘wreath with a note’ where the name “Lilibeth” was written also gave the impression that it was Meghan who sent it after the reporter emphatically shared the story of Meghan’s wreath, which she dubbed “an olive branch of sorts.” She said:

… I can’t tell you what was in the note, and perhaps we’ll never know, but I can tell you what was in the wreath…”

In the clip, Today Show showed the ‘wreath and note’ from Prince Philip’s beloved wife, the Queen of England.

Around 1.00, a news reporter mistakenly says, “Meghan and Harry’s funeral.” News 9 blunder adds up when they describe Meghan’s wreath and note while showing that the Queen gives a different impression.


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