The Hyperrealist: Nestor Abayon Jr.


Nestor Abayon Jr., Hyperrealistic Painter from the Philippines

A poor farmer’s son, Nestor Abayon Jr. emerges as a prominent figure among the burgeoning Hyperrealistic painters in the Philippines.

His artworks are crafted in homage to the resilience of impoverished farmers from Occidental Mindoro, skillfully capturing their weary faces and the joy found in naivety.

These paintings serve as poignant reflections of the struggles these farmers face which Abayon Jr. is becoming known for.

His greatest inspiration is his father. In 2021, Abayon Jr. honored him with a painting on his birthday. Like the rest of the hardworking farmers in the Philippines, he fought against adversities to support his family amidst the changing guards of the government.

Nestor Jr. expressed, “When I paint his face, it’s like expressing gratitude for all the help he provided us.” The elder Nestor and his wife raised eight children to whom Nestor Jr. supported four of his older brothers’ education.

A portrait of Nestor Abayon Sr., “Last Suffer” by Nestor Abayon Jr., 2023. (Photo: Onza’s Facebook)
Inspired by his naivety, “Scream” by Nestor Abayon Jr., 2023. (Photo: Onza’s Facebook)

Today, four exceptionally talented Filipino artists, Neill Christian Simon Onza, Sonny Tolentino, Jarren Dahan, and Nestor Abayon, Jr., are considered the new generation of young “Filipino masters.”

Their works can be found in Art Ph, founded by TV hosts Julius and Cristine Babao, along with Chinkee Tan and Lori Juvida.

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