Minneapolis, “Poster Child” of Left-Liberals



Minneapolis, the poster child of Left-Liberal “progressive” politics, ruined by Democrat policies?

Former US Representative Jason Lewis said, “If you wanted a poster child for the progressive movement, it would be Minneapolis.” The city council’s progressive-liberal ideas meant to make life better and fair, especially for the Black minorities. But that’s not what’s happening.

Minneapolis’ progressive ideas

  • Climate change, “green targets.”
  • Housing subsidy and mandatory section 9 housing
  • Mandatory paid leave.
  • A higher minimum wage passed unanimously.
  • Voted to defund police.

Minneapolis has 16 Fortune-500 companies. Despite progressive policies, black families face difficulties, second worse in the USA

  • Despite what Democrat council leaders did to please its liberal citizens, the whites’ and blacks’ income gap remains far apart. (PBS)
  • The help them, the twin city hands out checks to mostly Blacks, who don’t work. That’s progressive for them. In truth, it disincentivizes people from wanting to get a job, as this video suggests.
  • The BLM riots the city welcomed don’t help. Instead, it reinforced the stereotype of “Black belligerence.” The result is a grim the future for Blacks, as job offers elude because of prejudice.

What media is saying vs. realty

Mainstream media like WSJ reports huge spikes in gun sales was because people “lost confidence” in the police. That’s what “progressive media” says.

In truth, the Minneapolis council voted to dismantle the police who enforce the law. They want to replace it with “violence interrupters” or “community-based security,” whatever that means. The city demoralized cops; a lot took a leave.

msm fake news
Stark contrast in reporting: Mainstream media WSJ and CNN suggests crimes surged because people lost confidence in cops. NY Post says it because the city voted to defund the police. Cops are demoralized, a lot took a leave of absence.

Businesses shy away from hostility.

After BLM rioters destroyed several parts of the city, many small “white-owned” businesses will have little reason to stay. For them to remain, the local government must ensure safety and security. Businesses shy away from hostility.

Progressive laws in other Democrat states

Like other liberal states, businesses are closing, and people leaving Illinois, California, and New York. Their ills are mostly blamed on ex-President Trump by its Democrat leaders.

Asian ‘Hate Crimes’ Surge in New York.

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