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Monday, January 25, 2021

Mainstream Media Manipulating Mind?


Left-liberal propaganda dominates mainstream media, entertainment & education while conservative views shunned

Liberal media dominates the mainstream while conservative news is a low 12 percent. Newspaper NY Times, Washington Post, Guardian, AP, indicates left-liberal bias, a survey indicates.

“Twitter is uncomfortably left-liberal,” says employees and CNN earned the moniker “Fake News.”

Critical to information dissemination, Google was accused of manipulating the algorithm to favor leftist bias. Recently, an internal email exposed a Google employee, apparently labeling conservative views.

What’s worse is the apparent muzzling of conservative voices and branding it dangerous and using fact checking outlets, who by itself are biased to the left.

Popular left-leaning mainstream news sources

Google & YouTube
New York Times
BuzzFeed News
Time Magazine

1. How Fake News started

Donald Trump claims he invented the phrase “Fake News.” It first became popular when he use it on CNN. Conservatives often used the phrase to refer to mainstream media (MSM), until MSM began using it to deflect growing criticism.

Trump’s frequent use of “Fake News” most likely contributed to MSNBC and CNN’s plunge. Interestingly, pro-Trump Fox News’ rating skyrocketed. But when Fox began to drop Trump during the 2020 election, the network’s rating plunged.

The House of Commons formally inquired on the growing phenomenon of fake news in January 2017, a year after Trump won. Naturally, left liberals blamed the surge of fake news on Trump.

March-April 2019 Media bias data from THR/Morning consult


FOX News





2. Conservatives exposing liberal far-left agenda labelled “Nazis”

Conservative commentators Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, and PragerU labeled ‘Nazis,’ according to Project Veritas. Liberal media hates conservatives because their values, which are mostly rooted in the Judeo-Christian tradition, crashes with theirs.

What liberal ideology support, mainstream media parrots:

3. Mainstream entertainment

Mainstream media is not just news, there’s also Hollywood. The demonic element in music no longer hide. Just read the “dark depressive lyrics” of Billie Eilish or watch Cardi B’s WAP song that promotes sex and prostitution.

Today some Hollywood celebrities came out to “hail Satan” in live audience, others encourage abortion by saying how proud they are for doing it.

While Hollywood may not directly be spreading fake news, it is conditioning the minds of its young viewer to embrace a liberal mind, devoid of what was traditionally moral. Hence they call it progressive virtue.

4. Social Media

YouTube channels with hidden agenda

To get millions of subscribers, some produce content that doesn’t work. In other words, “they lie professionally.” Ann Reardon exposes some of these dubious production company that creates “fake contents.”

We did our homework and watched a few videos about American history. In the middle of the video, the narrator narrowly injects a liberal ideology. He defended LGBTQ rights and how bad Republican (conservative) politicians are.

Facebook fact checkers are pro-liberal-left

Facebook social media allegedly flagged “real news” as “fake news.” They now have “fact checkers” who also needs fact checking for their discrepancies and bias. Conservatives Ben Shapiro and Candice Owens claims lies in their fact checking.

De-Radicalization, not Radicalization of conservative media

More unfortunate is how limited non-bias media are. Thankfully, a study shows conservative information from media like Life News or the Epoch Times causes ‘de-radicalization of the extreme bias of mainstream media.

Black cartoon character says, “This feels like preparing for a cop to show up.” Black Lives Matter movement repeatedly calls for defunding the police. (PHOTO Screengrab from Atlanta Journal)

MUST WATCH: Media Parroting?

An alarming conspiracy of media in political mission in the guise of journalism. Anchors at Sinclair-owned local news station parrot a script pushing politics and “the troubling trend of irresponsible, one-sided news stories plaguing our country.”

Barkada Bar changing its name after woke backlash.

It appears that MSM is trying to brainwash the people into a political and demonic liberal agenda to get rid of conservative politics.
Jason Wardell
Jason Wardell is a guest contributor. He loves music, reading, and politics.


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