Mainstream Media: Manipulating Our Mind?


Manipulative Mainstream Media: 7 Examples of Left-Liberal Propaganda in News

1. Conservatives are ‘Bad Guys’

Conservatives are “Neo-Nazis”

Conservative commentators Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, and PragerU labeled ‘Nazis,’ according to Project Veritas. They’re labeled right extremists for their stand on left-liberal ideologies.

For example, they are pro-life and anti-gay marriage. They are also against the politics of climate change, defunding the police, and certain LGBTQ rights that criminalize religious conservatives.

On defunding the police, the Atlanta Journal published a cartoon where a boy hiding under the table said, “This feels like preparing for a cop to show up.” Ergo, cops are bad guys.

Mainstream social media platform: “Nazis of Twitter”

In 2022, the world’s second-richest man Elon Musk bought Twitter. For years, the platform has been suspending and regulating conservative accounts and tweets that they label “false information.”

For example, conservative actor James Woods alleged he lost tens of thousands of followers since the crackdown on conservative voices during the Trump era.

Wood’s followers increased by 62,000 in one day after billionaire Elon Musk was set to buy Twitter. The billionaire Musk pledged to support free speech.

Weeks after, Elon blasted NBC for claiming Republicans (Conservatives) are “Neo-Nazis.” He quipped, “Same [NBC] org that covered up Hunter Biden laptop story had Harvey Weinstein story early & killed it & built Matt Lauer his rape office. Lovely people.”


2. Fake News

Fake news began at the turn of the 19th century. ‘Yellow Journalism’ reported sensational and less factual information, possibly triggering the Spanish-American conflict.

“MAGA” student Nick Sandmann

The media portrayed Nick Sandmann as taunting an Indian native because he wore a MAGA hat. CNN, Washington Post, and the New York Times, among other media outlets, vilified Sandmann. Hollywood celebrities ditched the kid.

Sandmann’s lawyers sought retractions from 50 celebrities and media outlets. Nick won a $250 Million lawsuit against Washington Post.

Top 10 media lies during the Trump Era – Goodwin

Donald Trump claimed he invented the phrase “Fake News,” which he used to criticize CNN. A NY Post writer Michael Goodwin listed what he claims are the top ten lies purported by mainstream media at the height of Trumpism and COVID.

  1. Lie: Trump was a Russian agent.
  2. Lie: Hunter Biden’s laptop story was Russian disinformation.
  3. Lie: Trump ordered protesters cleared for a photo op.
  4. Lie: Fire extinguisher killed Officer Brian Sicknick during Capitol riot.
  5. Lie: Trump suggested injecting bleach to cure COVID-19.
  6. Lie: Tear gas started St. John’s Church fire.
  7. Lie: Trump called neo-Nazis “very fine people.”
  8. Lie: Lafayette Square was cleared with tear gas for a photo op.
  9. Lie: Trump deported children without their parents.
  10. Lie: COVID-19 originated naturally, not from a lab in Wuhan.



3. Identity Politics

In 2018, WhatsApp was accused of causing a misinformation crisis in Brazil and India to produce a political outcome. Rumors on the platform ignited a political division that led to mob violence and deaths.

Promoting a Marxist group: Black Lives Matter

At the height of the Marxist Black Lives Matter (BLM) riots, the media insisted on a false narrative of racism by focusing excessively on identity politics, such as race and gender, in its coverage of events and issues.

As looting and protest disturbed peace across cities, several reports said, “It’s a mostly peaceful rally.” But it was an insurrection when Trump’s supporters (mostly conservatives) entered the capitol.

MSNBC: “It is not generally unruly.”
Today: “Violence and looting follow a day of peaceful protests.”
CNN: “(Mostly) Peaceful protests nationwide.”
CBS: “Peaceful protesters clash with federal agents.”
AP: “Mostly peaceful protest held in Wisconsin.”

A media outlet calls the protesters and rioting peaceful, but a “conservative rally” a health concern.
John Stossel points out that even as fires raged behind reporters during the BLM protests, MSNBC, NBC Today, CNN, and CBS still call it “mostly peaceful.”

NBC Reporter: “Let’s go Brandon”

Chants break out during NASCAR. NBC reporter appears to cover up for President Joe Biden when fans chant, “F*ck Joe Biden!.”

What appears to be damage control, the NBC reporter said the crowd was chanting, “Let’s Go, Brandon.” Trump has labeled NBC as “fake news,” criticizing the media giant.

Politically charged racial narrative

On June 17, 2021, Juneteenth (July 19) became a federal holiday commemorating the end of slavery in 1866. It’s added to the list of “Black privileges” other minority groups do not have.

However, CNN, criticized for “race-bating,” headlines, “A federal holiday dawns as rights of Black Americans under assault.”

The media also paint police officers as dangerous, the reason several Democrat states pushed for defunding them. [AJC]

In 2022, conservative pundit Candice Owen released the documentary “The Greatest lie ever told America,” which disavowed the media’s lies about George Floyd.

Owen also investigated BLM founders about where the 90 million dollars raised went.

4. Left-Liberal Bias

News and social media bias

A 2022 YouGov America poll reveals more than 50% of left-liberals favor news from 14 mainstream media. In contrast, only two media outlets have a 40-50% trust rate among conservatives. In short, the information is dominated by left-leaning outlets.

Social media giants have been accused of canceling conservative voices. For example, Twitter is dominated by liberal employees and accused of censoring conservative posts until Musk bought the company.

Google allegedly manipulated the algorithm to punish conservative content. An internal email exposed a Google employee, apparently tagging conservatives—the apparent muzzling of conservative voices and branding it dangerous using biased fact-checkers.

All Sides: Popular left-leaning mainstream media

BuzzFeed News
Google & YouTube
The Guardian
Time Magazine
New York Times

Dubious YouTube channels

To attract millions of subscribers, some channels produce life-hack contents that don’t work but is brilliant enough to be shared literary a million times. In other words, “they lie for business.”

Ann Reardon, host of the “How to Cook That” YouTube channel exposed some dubious production companies that create fake content.”

We did our homework and watched a few videos about American history. In the middle of the video, the narrator suggested Republicans are “white supremacists.” What he did not say was that Republicans opposed slavery.

Abortion is “health care”

Mainstream media poise abortion as health care, while conservatives call it murder. Abortion media coverage is “deeply and problematically politicized,” says a study. [CNN]

Climate change fear

The media has been accused of using fear tactics by suggesting that climate change is an inevitable threat to humanity, even if it is a natural phenomenon.

Following the rise of Greta Thunberg and her climate change movement, there has been an increase in the number of fearful young people of the future and hesitant to start families.

Media spin for woke companies

In 2023, Budlight Beer, Jack Daniels, and Nike, dubbed “woke companies,” faced backlash over an ad campaign using a trans woman endorser.

Other beer brands have worked with gay and trans people, but AB’s timing came a few weeks after a trans shooter allegedly targeted a Nashville Christian school.

Conservative outlets reported the loss, but mainstream media were silent. On the other hand, CNN Business provided a positive spin by highlighting that the campaign was beneficial for business.

Media Bias on the “Gaying of America”

In the same year, the website portal Unilad published an article that claims, “Men look more masculine when they wear makeup, study shows.” However, it was misleading.

The original study published in PLoS ONE examined the perception and effect of makeup on men. The result showed 16 of the men were rated as more attractive with makeup—but it does not suggest men with makeup are more masculine.

Two business perspectives on the Budlight backlash in 2023. CNN holds a positive view on the trans campaign, while conservative media Fox News reports the outright loss of business.

5. Covering up for the government

Supporting the government’s vaccine mandate

Nearly all mainstream media pushed for the COVID-19 vaccine, saying it is safe and will save lives. Doctors who spoke against it were banned from social media. News outlets were silent about what they had to say.

For example, liberal host Rachel Maddow of MSNBC insisted the COVID-19 vaccine stops the virus dead in its tracks and prevents further transmission.

Another of MSNBC’s liberal hosts, Joyce Reid, lambasted those who refuse to be vaccinated, while Don Lemon of CNN said unvaccinated should be shunned and left behind.

As it turned out, the US Fed Report shows the US government paid $1 Billion to American media to promote COVID-19 vaccines, reported WION.

Dr. Simon Gold

Doctor and lawyer Simon Gold was banned from social media for spreading “dangerous misinformation” about hydroxychloroquine treatment as a better alternative.

CNN’s articles appear to be biased when compared to the reporting of other media outlets.

Twitter bans medical experts

In 2023, representative Nancy Mace questioned Twitter’s Ex-Legal Chief Vijaya Gadde and exposed how the government instructed platforms to censor COVID-19-related facts against their narrative.

In the hearing, Twitter allegedly categorized government data as inaccurate. They also imposed restrictions on doctors speaking against the government’s unnecessary limits and dangers of the untested vaccine.

These doctors obtained their degrees from the best universities in the world, such as Harvard and Stanford. Yet, Twitter, who had no medical credentials, could censor and flag them as misinformation.

The Ukraine war

In 2023, President Biden continued to support the Russia-Ukraine war that began in 2022. He sent American soldiers, weapons, and aid.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin reached out to allies and said, “Ukraine clearly believes that it can win, and so does everyone here.” [Politico]

Apparently, the Biden administration lied after Jack Teixeira, a 21-year-old International Guard, took photos of classified documents and posted them on Twitter. He’s charged with espionage.

At least one of the documents shows Ukraine is losing—not winning, contrary to what U.S. officials have been saying.

Under the “Total Assessed Losses section,” one document lists 16,000-17,500 Russian casualties and up to 71,000 Ukrainian deaths, reported AP.

Right commentator Tucker Carlson claims that the government doesn’t want the truth about the Ukraine war to come out.

Covering up for President Biden

Mainstream media CNN used the terms “criminal, gun enthusiast, and hungry for power” to describe Teixeira instead of a “whistleblower,” according to Fox’s Tucker Carlson.

Tucker criticized CNN for allegedly “covering up for Biden,” apparently, with the help of the Washington Post, and the New York Times, he added.

Limiting anti-Biden news articles

During the election campaign, NPR, which is also accused of liberal bias, reported Facebook and Twitter limited sharing of a NY Post story that could damage Joe Biden’s image.

Although NPR exposed it, they defended both media giants for blocking the “anti-Biden story.”

News host speaks out: Award-Winning News Anchor Kari Lake

In March 2021, Emmy Award-Winning News Anchor Kari Lake quit mainstream media. “In the past few years, I haven’t felt proud to be a member of the media. I’m sure other journalists out there feel the same way,” she said in this video.

I found myself reading news copy that I didn’t believe was fully truthful – or only told part of the story,” she said in this video. Kari felt her profession contributed to the country’s fear and division.

6. Cross-industry initiative

The pro-left Global Alliance for Responsible Media bias

Conservative “right-wing” media Daily Wire host Michael Knowles claims that The World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) created ‘The Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM).’ As a “cross-industry initiative,” GARM attempts to demonetize harmful content.”

By doing this, not only does it continue to promote left-wing ideology, but it also undermines the credibility of right-wing or conservative principles.

Knowles cited AB InBev, a member of WFA, which launched the Bud Light “Mulvaney trans campaign.”

It appears that the company’s adherence to left ideologies made it necessary to endorse LGBTQ activism by working with Mulvaney.

GARM is so powerful and controls so much advertising money that YouTube, Meta (FB & IG), Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, and others are writing pages of reports about how they will run their platforms to satisfy GARM standards,” Knowles tweeted.

LGBTQIA rights initiative

In 2023, parents of a middle school student filed a police report against an Illinois teacher, Sarah Bonner, for offering an LGBTQ-themed book called “This Book is Gay” by Juno Dawson to students.

NBC News report focused on the perceived “war against free speech” but did not provide specific details about why the parents were outraged. This led to criticism of the news outlet for a potentially misleading report.

According to influencer Brad Polumbo, the book contains explicit content such as references to feces as a kink, meeting strangers online, and explicit sexual content between two boys, which is age-inappropriate.

Along with other media outlets, promoting the LGBTQIA cause appears to be a concerted effort.

The Sun, Mirror, BBC: “Trans women” are women

In 2023, a 15-years old boy at Cants Lane in West Sussex was allegedly raped by two women. He was raped in the woods before waking up on the ground naked and in pain.

However, several news outlets in the UK failed to mention these were “transgender women.” One assailant was 6’3″ and wearing Air Jordan, and the other was 5’9″, likely wearing a blonde wig.

It appears that mainstream media was careful to frame the narrative not to offend the LGBTQIA community.

Suddenly, gender identity is less important

Similar to not referring to the transgender women (two gay men) who raped the boy, mainstream media suddenly refused to refer to a mass murderer in Philidelphia as a “trans woman.”

When less liberal and conservative media called out the mass shooter as trans, they were criticized for “smearing trans people.”

World Economic Forum and ChatGPT bias

GARM is supported by the World Economic Forum as a “flagship project” under their “Platform for Shaping the Future of Media, Entertainment, and Sport.”

Due to WFA’s significant number of member companies, most online information leans towards left-wing ideology.

As a result, it’s not unexpected that ChatGPT prefers liberal views over conservative ones, given the prevalence of this type of information on the internet.

7. MSM smears Christian Movie to suppress the truth

Media discredits a low-budget indie Christian Movie that exposes the most heinous crime committed against children.

“Sound of Freedom” is an indie faith-based movie based on the true story of Timothy Ballard, a Christian and former DHS agent who founded Operation Underground Railroad to save children from human traffickers.

CBS initially praised Tim Ballard’s work against child trafficking in a segment in 2014, but in 2023, the movie based on Ballard was called a “paranoid conspiracy.”

As if in a mandate, journalists attacked and distorted the film by reframing it as a right-wing conspiracy. The Washington Post posted, “Jim Caviezel has linked it to the QAnon movement.”

Rolling Stones called it a sprawling Trump fighting an elite satanic pedophile and a superhero movie for dads with “brain worms.” At the same time, the Guardian accused the film of seducing Americans just for context.

Apparently, the movie is bad because it made Donald Trump “look good” for wanting to expose elite pedophilia. However, despite the negative publicity, it was an unexpected box office hit.

Conservative media has bias also

Right-wing media outlets have also faced accusations of bias. For example, Fox News has always favored conservative content, and certain shows disavow progressive or leftist politics.

The Sinclair Broadcast Group (SBG) has been accused of right-leaning bias by mandating pre-scripted segments promoting conservative views on their local news stations and pressuring anchors to deliver a specific message.

“Sinclair’s soldiers” on MSM: Right-wing bias among conservative-owned media.


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