The Biggest Woke Companies


List of the biggest woke companies that support corporate diversity, gender equality, and inclusion

The “woke” trend, extending beyond racial justice, has led many companies to engage in various social and political issues like diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI). However, there is also a shift against it.

Since 2020, the long list of “woke companies” gained popularity among left-liberals in as much as backlash from conservative groups that impacted sales.

Bud Light, Target, and Sports Illustrated

Public perception and financial outcomes on “woke campaigns” had negative consequences. For example, Sports Illustrated put an obese woman on the cover in 2022, the next year, a trans woman.

The company faced backlash and was accused of promoting unhealthy living. The magazine suffered heavy losses and fired nearly all its employees in print and digital in 2024.

In 2023, Bud Light was the first woke company to face huge backlash after partnering with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

A huge number of right-wing and moderate conservatives boycotted the beer, causing its stock price value and U.S. revenue to drop to a $27 billion loss in a few months. [Fox]

Likewise, Target superstores lost billions of market value after its “Pride for Kids” line and woke interests, such as introducing a black, disabled Santa Clause in 2023. Target share value went down 18%, and sales went down 16%. [NYP]

List of the biggest woke companies that support DEI

Google is considered the “biggest” woke corporation in the USA. A right-wing media, DailyWire, published an article that said former Google employees spoke out about the woke culture at Google.

The “Big Brother” tech giant is allegedly zealous about embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion, or DEI. In 2024, Google faced backlash when it launched Gemini AI. The program allegedly changed history by replacing “white” historical figures with black ethnicity.

Brands on the “Woke LGBTQIA” bandwagon

American Eagle
Astra Zeneca
Banana Republic
Body Shop
Dr. Martens
Harry’s Razor
Helmut Lang
Just Salad
Kind Protein Bar
MAC Cosmetics
Michael Kors
Ralph Lauren
Rosetta Stone
Todd Snyder x Champion
Under Armor
Urban Decay


  1. I hated Gillette that day they made those ads. Then I got to think myself, am I being a homophobe? I guess they need to do what they had to, but riden em on gay topics is no way cool.

  2. OK boomer, whoever wrote this clearly doesn’t understand what being progressive means. Identity politics is real, but so is doing the right thing for this country. Woke or no woke, it would make better sense if you are more open to the fact that times have changed.

  3. Totally wrecked! Hell no these companies woke and wokeism just doesn’t get it. They all making things look bad for us.

  4. These woke corporations on wokeism and all things awoke are bad not just for society, but for the economy. They are pushing identity politics and people believe them.. That’s really the saddest part.

  5. I wouldn’t buy from these companies, but sometimes you don’t have a choice. So unless someone takes them out with better brands… well like Harry’s.

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