Liberal College Discriminates Against Conservatives


CSULA labels conservative speaker offensive because his topic “Diversity Becomes A Problem “offends liberal students

A group of California State University Los Angeles (CSULA) students decided to bring in conservative speaker Ben Shapiro to discuss diversity. They were faced with an angry mob of students and professors — and received no support from university officials.

These students’ first amendment rights were violated because of their conservative opinions.


American Universities are filled with angry neo-Marxists

According to clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson, teachers and professors teach students a dangerous liberal ideology. On the campus of CSULA, students became violent to prevent Ben Shapiro from speaking:

  • Some activists tore down flyers promoting the (free) speech.
  • Others threatened violence if the speech went forward.
  • One professor challenged the student organizer to a fight.
  • Far-left students labeled Shapiro “Racist, Fascist, Homophobe.”
  • Protesters threatened violence and disruption.
  • A mob of angry students and professors barricaded the entrance to the auditorium, shouting “No violence.” Someone even turned on the “Fire Alarm” and shut the light off.


Shapiro’s topic, “When diversity becomes a problem.”

Ben Shapiro’s topics range from why limited government is essential; to individual freedom, traditional values, and free enterprise. Using data, Shapiro explains why diversity becomes a problem, especially when it begins to impinge on individual rights.

  • Specific values are better than other values.
  • Fundamental values are not equal.
  • Fairness of outcome is designed to abolish responsibility.
  • Left-Liberals want to blame the (government) system; Right-Conservatives say we must be responsible for our actions. [Difference of Republicans and Democrats]

In 2022, conservative book author and associate of Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, was scheduled to speak at the University of Wisconsin-Superior.

Some students were upset over the planned Q&A event and accused the administration of allowing “hatred” on the campus. The event was sponsored by Young America’s Foundation (YAF).



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