Gender Narrative: A War on Christians


LGBTQIA Gender Narrative: A War on Christians

In less than three years since Democrat politicians took over the White House, the far left has been contemptuous towards Christian conservatives who oppose gender pronouns, LGBTQIA indoctrination in schools, and gender-affirming care.

With the Biden administration’s Gender Equality Act in 2021, some militant gay advocates crusaded to punish Christians for disagreeing with their narrative.

For instance, Christian business people have been brought to court for refusing services that violate their beliefs. Christian Doctors, teachers, and students were either fired or punished for going against same-sex bathrooms or refusing gender pronouns.

Christian persecution rises with new policies that criminalize dissenters as Western Christianity declines.

First, they’re coming for women and children

In 2021, trans women athletes (biological males) competed in women’s sports events, including the Olympics.

The following year, NCAA Championship swimmer Riley Gaines testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding their rights as women to have separate locker rooms from biological men.

During that time, transgender swimmer Lia Thomas was permitted to compete alongside them and use the women’s locker room. Thomas allegedly exposed his male genitalia. The war on women is happening.

In 2023, 19-year-old police officer Jacob Kersey from Georgia was pressured to resign after a Facebook post he made saying, “God designed marriage. Marriage refers to Christ and the Church. That’s why there’s no such thing as homosexual marriage.

In the same year, trans activist Tara Jay (biological male) posted a now-deleted TikTok video expressing her strong stance on using female restrooms. She said, “This is a call to arms.”

Jay’s video followed the tragic incident on March 27, 2023, where a transgender man murdered three adults and three children at a Presbyterian school in Nashville.

Earlier in 2017, Christian baker Jack Philips was considered the first victim of outright persecution by gay activists. Philips was brought to court three times for refusing services to a gay couple and a trans lawyer.

Bending over gender narrative

Militant LGBTQIA is not only coming from those who disagree with them but ultimately against conservative and religious families who don’t agree with their gender narrative.

In 2023, some NYC PRIDE March participants chanted, “We are coming for your children.”

Although it may be tongue-in-cheek, the transgender craze in America has resulted in a spike in minors taking puberty blockers and gender reassignment surgery.

All these began in 2015, and with the Gender Equality Act of 2021, the Christian voice has become a minority in the USA, where the woke left makes the rule.


The Spectrum of Christian Views

Christian support for LGBTQIA varies. Woke churches have not only embraced gay marriages but inducted transgender pastors in their churches.

For dissenters who adhere to the strict interpretation of the scriptures, it is simple—God abhors homosexuality because He is Holy.

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