LGBTQ Rights in the Philippines


LGBTQ Equality & Diversity in a conservative and religious country

At the height of the SOGIE debate 2019, well-meaning celebrities Anne Heussaff and “Marian devotee” Pia Wurtzbach openly supported the SOGIE bill. Similarly, the Catholic school Ateneo designated an all-gender restroom.

Freedom in Christ group apologized to the gay community during the Metro Manila PRIDE March. PCEC and NCCP had “partial support” and political statements on government issues.

In 2022, the L.A. PRIDE saw its first-ever Filipino participants in the parade, proudly celebrating their dual identity as gay and Filipino in the US, dressed in barong attire to honor the Filipino heritage.


LGBTQ rights and liberal ideology

In the USA, LGBTQ civil rights found support among Democrats. In 2021, the Biden-Harris administration vowed to support their rights through laws.

Hence, they now have the political tool to address disrespect towards their preferred pronouns or refusal of service, even if it conflicts with one’s religious beliefs.

In the Philippines, liberal senators and transgender TV icon Vice Ganda leads the way into a new era of LGBTQ rights.

Senator Hontiveros leads championing liberal ideologies

Already, liberal Filipino politicians are at the forefront of LGBTQIA rights. For instance, Hon. Geraldine Roman is the first transgender congresswoman in the Philippines to champion it. In 2016, she filed the “Anti-Discrimination Bill.”

Hontiveros for Divorce and Pro-Gay Bill

Senators Risa Hontiveros, Leila de Lima, and Kiko Pangilinan supported the bill. Hontiveros also pushed the Divorce Bill in 2017, and RA 11313 aimed to prevent gay harassment in public spaces.

In 2005, the atheist communist group NPA conducted the first recorded gay marriage in the Philippines, while gay marriages, in general, are celebrated privately.


Vice Ganda opens the door for LGBTQ visibility

The strong LGBTQ influence in the Philippines started in the entertainment industry with the legendary actor “straight actor” Dolphy, who made Filipinos laugh from the 1940s until his passing a decade ago.

Rustom Padilla (BB Gandang Hari) was the first “straight actor” to transition and come out openly as a trans actor in 2009. However, Vice Ganda significantly impacted mainstream entertainment as an openly gay and transgender person.

Ganda began his career in 2009, establishing transgender representation entertainment through TV hosting and comedy.

In 2023, Vice Ganda won Reader’s Digest’s ‘Most Trusted Entertainment & Variety Presenter award’ for a fifth consecutive year.

ABS-CBN Showtime’s “Sexy Beks” (Sexy Gays) with transgender host Vice Ganda in April 2022. This portion is seen nationwide and rated as “family entertainment.”


SOGIE: Gender equality in the Philippines

For decades, Filipino society functioned well with just two sexes. But today, that’s not enough for specific groups, which is the reason for the SOGIE bill.

Filipinos are one of the most LGBTQ-friendly people in the world. Filipino gay celebrities thrive with millions of fans.

Despite openness to the “third sex,” the church remains steadfast in shunning a “deceptive gender equality,” which is alleged to be Luciferian.


Manila Pride in 2018 welcomes gender equality, diversity, and inclusion, which humanists call progressive.

PRIDE March—Celebrating “human rights”

Equality and diversity was God’s idea. Today, atheist groups like Freethinkers, Filipino humanists, and communist groups push for sexual liberty.

The University of the Philippines goes beyond LGBTQ freedom to supporting prostitution through Babaylan, a student-led organization.

In 2018, the PRIDE March broke the taboo when they paraded their colors in Metro Manila. PRIDE is America’s contribution to humanism, from gay rights to a lavish sexual parade celebrated for a month.

In the USA, PRIDE is celebrated in cartoons and promoted in schools and merchandising. The popularity of Drag Queens, who teach the gay alphabet to young kids, is embraced by liberal parents.

For Christians, the PRIDE march is demonic because it goes against what God says about “pride” itself.


Iloilo-based designer Matt Yeu is known for using indigenous Filipino fabric. In 2022, he reinvented the terno to reflect a nonbinary Filipino fashion.

I don’t miss my gay life.
Is there a gay cure?

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