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LGBTQ Milestones: Gaying of America?


LGBTQ Milestones: The progression of ‘Gender Equality’ peaks in 2021

The topic of LGBTQ rights is one of two polarized ideologies in America. For example, the Westboro Church’s obnoxious and homophobic rant did not help win the gay community.

On the opposite spectrum, Democrat politicians vowed to support them. LGBTQ rights made history in 2015. After Trump left, Democrats in 2021 have pushed the envelope to completion.

LGBTQ Milestones from 1970 to 2021

1970, First Gay PRIDE March

The first gay pride marches were held in multiple cities across the United States on the Stonewall Riots’ first anniversary, including San Francisco and Los Angeles, West Hollywood.

1977, ‘SOAP’ sitcom

Billy Crystal plays Jodie Dallas — a gay man having an affair with a famous quarterback and contemplating gender-reassignment surgery — who becomes one of the first gay dads on television.

1978, First Gay Flag

Gilbert Baker was gay and a drag queen who designed the first rainbow flag. Originally, pink and turquoise stripes were included but had printing issues. In 1994, the rainbow flag became the symbol of LGBTQ pride. 

1991, The Red Ribbon

After people became aware of AIDS after the NY Times published its story, “rare cancer seen in 41 homosexuals”, the Red Ribbon, a symbol for the fight against AIDS. Hollywood celebrities made it famous by adopting it.

1993, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – allowing gays and lesbians to serve in the military without discrimination as long as they stayed in the closet – becomes official U.S. policy. seen as discriminatory, bolstering the fight to support gay rights

1997, First Hollywood Gay Icon

Ellen DeGeneres came out lesbian on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Her coming out was significant because her personality wasn’t polarizing. In fact, it brought her to stardom. Ellen became the gay icon. [Wiki]

2004, Massachusetts legalize gay marriage

Massachusetts was the first US state to legalize gay marriage and issue a license. About 6,200 same-sex couples were married, more than 60% were lesbian couples.

2012, Obama, first President to support gay rights

President Barack Obama was the first sitting president to support gay marriage. The previous year, he repealed and ended the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” policy.

2014, NFL Athlete Michael Sam comes out

NFL football player Michael Alan Sam Jr. announced on ESPN he is gay. His coming out was significant because hypermasculinity was all over sports. Nearly 30 athletes have come out gay since then. NBA player Jason Collins was the first to come out in 2013.

2015, Obergefell v. Hodges

Obergefell v. Hodges was a landmark decision of the Supreme Court that voted 5-4 for the right to marry same-sex couples. It mandated all states to allow gay marriage legally.

2016, Bathroom Bill

A bathroom bill in North Carolina was approved in 2016. It meant a male who identifies as female can use a women’s bathroom and vice versa. DOJ also stated schools must treat a student’s gender identity as their sex (for example, in regard to bathrooms). [Wiki]

2018, LGBTQ Initialism

LGBT initialism began in 1988. The word “Queer” meant peculiar first appeared in 1513. In the 1990s, it became pejorative and derogatory for homosexuals. The Q initial was added towards 2018 to form LGBTQ.

Mainstream media adopted it because it was more inclusive. In 2020, dictionary.com adopted Filipinx as a gender-neutral pronoun for Filipinos.

2019, Harvard begins “equity initiative.”

Harvard Medical School (HMS) launched the Sexual and Gender Minorities Health Equity Initiative (SGM). It expanded the 4-year curriculum of errors about sex and gender; that it is immutable and heterosexuality should not be the default. [HMS]

2020, Desmond the Amazing

Desmond Napoles (born June 2007), AKA Desmond is Amazing. She is America’s teen drag superstar who became a “Trans child icon” after the book, Be Amazing: A History of Pride, a children’s picture book was published in 2020. [Desmond]

2020, Harry Styles wears Gucci dress

Singer Harry Styles was the first “straight guy” who wore a women’s dress as a magazine cover. Candace Owens accused Styles of endangering “manly men” while Left-Liberal and Democrat politicians applauded Harry. [Vogue]

Harry’s move was significant because he has millions of young followers. His influence broke the gay stereotype in his generation.

2021, Biden’s Inequality Act

Immediately after Trumpism, the House introduced gender-neutral language as new rules for Congress. At the same time, the White House added multiple genders on its website. [The Hill]

More profound was Joe Biden’s Gender Equality Act of 2021. It sought to remove all hurdles the LGBTQ community face. It includes being discriminated against by Christians who refuse to service the gay community.

2021, Transgender Health Secretary nominee

President Biden nominated California AG Becerra quite possibly the most pro-abortion Secretary of Health and Human Services. [ACLJ]

At the same time, he selects transgender Dr. Rachel Levine, who supports gender reassignment for minors, as Assistant Health Secretary.

2021, NFL’s Male and Female Cheerleaders

In an effort to rebrand NFL, they decided to include male transgender people in the cheerleading squad. Founded in 1962, the “First Ladies of Football” program is now on indefinite hold.[USA Today]

At the height of BLM looting and riots, NFL supported the Marxist organization by asking athletes “take a knee.” A few refused.

2021, SIECUS standards for young students

Democrat Senator sponsored a bill that requires state educators to adopt sex education standards created by the left-wing activist group, Sexuality Information and Education (SIECUS).

SIECUS would require teaching “gender identity” for 5-year-olds and hormone blockers for transgender people to 8-year-olds. By age 11, children would begin learning about “vaginal, oral, and anal sex,” according to NY Post.

2021, NYC school push to remove gender pronouns

Liberal Grace Church School, in a memo, instructs students to stop using “outdated terms” and use “inclusive” language.

For example, refrain from saying “mom and dad” and use “grown-ups” or “folks.” Instead of saying, “husband,” “wife,” “boyfriend,” “girlfriend,” say, “partner.”

2021, First Asian transgender lands on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Leyna Bloom is the first transgender Asian woman, and of color to appear in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Across America, mainstream media celebrates it and called it a “historic achievement.” [GMA]

2021, Pantene promotes LGBTQ kids

On March 15, Pantene launched a TV commercial of Sawyer, a trans girl (biological boy) having lesbian parents showing love. Beautifully done, it promotes a new trend of gay families, raising gay kids, and targeting “LGBTQ Kids.”

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