LGBTQ Books Pushed in Elementary and High School


LGBTQ books pushed in middle and high school libraries in the United States face backlash from conservative parents

Democrats help push LGBTQ+ books for young students

After decades of pushing sex and gay education in public schools, the “LBGTQ curriculum” has finally found its place in liberal-run schools.

Schools in Democrat-run states of California, Seattle, and New York have introduced training to support diversity and inclusion.

In 2021, one of Biden-Harris’s accomplishments was the Gender Equality Act, which some religious conservatives see as legitimizing immorality.

The policy helped LGBTQ authors push their books in public school libraries, along with the Drag Queen Story Hour. Naturally, conservatives are against it.

The Biden administration has been pushing all this explicit gay activist literature on the schools. This is horrific,” said conservative writer Dinesh D’Souza.


Education Secretary Ryan Walters

In 2022, Oklahoma Education Secretary Ryan Walters, a parent, complained about two LGBTQ books to the Tulsa Public School. The superintendent told him to “knock it off.”

In an interview with Fox News, he explains that the books, ‘Gender Queer’ and ‘Flamer,’ contained explicitly sexual material—unsuitable for children.

Walter argues that there are school administrators more concerned with “woke ideology” than students’ academic outcomes. The literacy rate in 2022 reached historic lows.

When these “woke administrators” speak of inclusion, they might as well mean “soft porn.”

Six-grader Knox Zajac rebukes school board

According to a report published by The New York Post, sixth-grader Knox Zajac rebuked the School Board of Windham Raymond District 14 by reading aloud excerpts from a sexually graphic book he got from the school.


More parents protest over the distribution of LGBTQ+ books

In 2022, Democrat President Joe Biden actively supported gay and transgender rights. He associated himself with a trans influencer, something no president has ever done before. He also appointed the country’s first transgender assistant health secretary.

Although Democrats empowered the LGBTQ community, Republicans found the need to ban LGBTQ+ books.

  • 2022, Parents and community members in Solana Beach School District in California argued that certain LGBTQ+ books were inappropriate for elementary school libraries. [San Diego Tribune]
  • 2022, Parents were upset over “terrifying” LGBTQ books at Wilson Elementary school in Newport-Mesa Unified School District (NMUSD). [Daily Pilot]
  • 2022, Dearborn Public Schools Board faced backlash over LGBTQ books such as ‘All Boys Aren’t Blue,’ ‘The Lovely Bones,’ and ‘This Book is Gay’ in circulation. Conservatives, including Muslim parents, argued that books had no place in schools. [Detroit Free Press]
  • 2021, Fairfax County parents called for removing LGBTQ books in the library that they called pornography. [WUSA9]
  • 2021, Wayne, NJ parents demand the removal of ‘Gender Queer’ and six other books from its district school libraries. [NorthNJ]
  • 2021, Flamer and Gender Queer are two of 16 books being challenged to be removed from the libraries of Lindbergh School District, Missouri, because of their explicit sexual contents. [Call News]
Shouting, heated exchanges over LGBTQ+ books in Dearborn, Michigan. Some parents were Muslims, enraged over what they see as “gay indoctrination” of their children.

California: Poster Child of LGBTQ Books

Dominated by Democrats and left-liberals, California is considered one of the most diverse states in the US. Over the past three years, Keiko Feldman helped donate more than 15,000 LGBTQ-affirming children’s books to more than 1,000 public school libraries, mainly in California.


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