Laminine Supplement in the Philippines


Laminine Supplement in the Philippines, a decade of hope and healing

Since 2011, this amazing product has been dubbed an “anti-aging miracle cum cancer cure.” It instantly became a top food supplement in the Philippines after a series of docu-testimonies was aired on Channels 5 and 9.

That was more than a decade ago, and today, Laminine continues to have its place in the country even without a local LifePharm office to service its client.

“Be Alive Show” with Ana Rivera

Although the product was initially produced in Norway and moved to the United States, the global success of Laminine can be traced to the Philippines with the Be Alive show, whose video on YouTube continues to be shared.

The show “Be Alive” Laminine show was hosted by Ana Rivera, daughter of famed actress Maggie dela Riva who featured not only patients recovering from various illnesses but as well Filipino Doctors.

What does LifePharm claim about Laminine?

Laminine claims to have Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF2), an important component in stem cell therapy. FGF helps in cell regeneration.

Apparently, one of the company’s celebrated studies is those of reducing cortisol and regeneration of telomeres. These, in turn, reduce stress and joint body pain.

  • Support Cell Tissue Injury
  • Anti-stress & Mental Focus
  • Bone Health & Skin Collagen
  • Help Reduce Joint Discomfort
  • Telomere Activity
  • Regulate Normal Blood Sugar

Support Cell Tissue Injury

Stem cells are triggered when cell or body tissue injury occurs. It is activated by Fibroblast Growth Factor or FGF. This protein molecule initiates the repair, rejuvenation, and restoration of a damaged or aging cell, tissue, or organ. However, FGF cannot do its function without amino acids. LAMININE contains both FGF and complete amino acids that initiate repair.

Anti-stress & Mental Focus

Cortisol, also known as “stress hormones,” are essential to the body. However, continuous exposure to high levels of cortisol (stress hormone) accelerates the aging process. A study showed a 23% reduction in cortisol after 12 days of taking LAMININE. Furthermore, regulating certain hormones support DHEA in the brain, aiding mental focus.

Bone Health & Skin Collagen

The FGF2 ingredient in LAMININE regenerates cell tissues. Likewise, it also supports bone health.  It boosts the proliferation of collagen, which is a protein that provides a soft framework, and calcium phosphate mineral that adds strength and hardens the bones. Likewise, a unique product, OMNIA Capsules, was formulated to help increase collagen production from within the body.

Help Reduce Joint Discomfort

LAMININE significantly affects C Reactive Protein (CRP). CRP is a marker for inflammation and is elevated among osteoarthritis or arthritic patients. As a predictor of osteoarthritis, patients who took LAMININE indicated CRP reduction.  Also, LAMININE helps restore lost telomere. A study showed a 6-fold increase in telomere activity that, in turn, helps reduce joint discomfort.

Telomere Activity

The telomere is a compound structure at the end of a chromosome. It’s a protective strand of DNA. Losing telomeres as we age contributes to aging and increased joint pain. FGF activates telomerase, lengthening it up to six-fold. LAMININE activates telomerase, the key to reversing cellular aging in joints by lengthening the telomere.

Regulate Normal Blood Sugar

A study published by the PDR shows a difference between the sugar glucose levels of participants who took Laminine. A change of .04 in Hgb A1c marker measurement after 12 weeks of taking the LAMININE capsule. The evaluation shows a beneficial effect on helping maintain average blood glucose in subjects “at risk for developing high blood glucose.”

Is Laminine a legit product?​

  • Laminine is backed up by a 30-day money-back guarantee in the USA.
  • Laminine is distributed in more than 44+ countries and counting.
  • Products are FDA approved with various testimonies from medical doctors, as well as customers.
  • You can verify LifePharm’s google address online.
  • All its authorized distributors work closely with the company, ensuring compliance regularly.
  • LifePharm, makers of Laminine, has been in the business for more than a decade.

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laminine usa
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