Meet Daly City’s First Fil-AM Mayor


Proud to be Pinoy! Meet the Honorable Juslyn Manalo

Filipinos belong to a tight-knit community here in the States. The success of one is the success of all. That is why when Filipina-American Juslyn Manalo succeeded where no other Fil-Am did, everyone rejoiced.

Juslyn is Daly City’s first Fil-Am mayor, although the first-ever FilAm to be elected as Mayor was Henry Manayan in 1996. Being Mayor of Daly is important because more than 30 percent of Filipinos in California live in Daly.

Manalo was the city’s vice mayor before becoming mayor, so she is not exactly new to the political landscape and came in prepared to take on the challenges of leading the city. 

As mayor, Manalo was able to oversee the economic development of Daly City as she focused on building new hotels, which gave tourism a boost, business offices, housing, and human services. 

Passion for the community

I’ve always had a passion for helping others. Now I have the opportunity to help the community that raised me.  Follow your heart’s passion; it will lead you to where you are meant to be.” – Juslyn Manalo

Juslyn Manalo was born in San Francisco.  Her family transferred to Daly City by the time she was 8, where her love for God and serving the community took their roots. Daly City’s multi-ethnic background has given Manalo a deeper understanding and appreciation for diversity. 

She studied at the Ben Franklin Middle School and Jefferson High School, where she took on the role of a student leader. 

Helping people is her calling

In her collegiate years, and so began her service to the Filipino World War II veterans as a Community Service Worker at the age of 21 with the Veterans Equity Center, now known as the Bayanihan Equity Center.

Getting the highest award from CSU

The first time Manalo truly made the Filipino community in Daly City proud was when she received one of the highest awards in Community Service From the Chancellor of California State University in 2001. 

Eventually, she created the Student Action for Veterans Equity, or SAVE, alongside her colleagues at the National Network for Veterans Equity.

Francisco Martin, a Pinoy American Idol!

The Bill Sorro Housing Program

The Bill Sorro Housing Program is a non-profit program dedicated to housing-related issues for low to moderate-income members of the community.  This was created by Manalo in 2009, along with a group of volunteers to ensure that individuals and families who are vulnerable can still get affordable housing. 

The Bill Sorro Housing Program has so far helped more than 1,500 clients and will continue to become a source of hope for the Filipino community.

What new with Mayor Manalo?

Presently, Manalo serves as a Board of Director for the Bay Area Water Supply Conservation Agency (BAWSCA) and also for the Affordable Housing Committee for Daly City.  She is even seated on the Skyline President Council.

Among the people Manalo serves are the Filipino community, which makes up a 3rd of the city’s population.

Juslyn Manalo’s passion to be of service to others, coupled with her dedication to be of service to God, has truly made her an inspiration not just to the Filipino community, but to the entire city of Daly as well.


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