J’s Crispy Isaw Chips Snack in the USA


J’s Crispy Isaw Chips Snack arrives in the USA

The story of J’s Crispy Chicken Isaw chips began with a young entrepreneur Bryan Soriano. He got his business acumen from his parents, who were into a sizzling fast-food restaurant business.

After college, Bryan decided to work a full-time day job. But his entrepreneurial spirit kept on bugging him. After two years, he resigned and gambled his wedding funds to invest in a ‘Food Mall’ concept.

His experience with his parent’s business allowed him to create an artisan menu that caters primarily to his generation. He began with an all-day level breakfast that did well at the start.

Eventually, the food mall concept became congested with too much competition, and the restaurant closed after six months. He tried a second and third time—but it did not do well. He was back to square one.

In all these, Bryan never lost faith. He trusted God that things would eventually bear fruit. Then came a friend who believed in him and lent him fresh capital.

Bryan Soriano is a young entrepreneur who never gave up on his dream. With a start-up capital of P20,000, he was able to create a unique Filipino brand. J’s Crispy Isaw is fast becoming a snack favorite of Pinoys.

J’s Cripsy Isaw, poised to be the “pambansang snack”

Bryan took notice of the unique Pinoy street food, “barbequed chicken intestine.” With an initial twenty thousand pesos investment, he experimented and turned the intestine into “crispy isaw” that he cooked himself.

He first sold the protein-rich and savory snack to friends and neighbors. Through word of mouth, J’s Crispy Isaw began to gain a strong following.

Together with his girlfriend and co-owner Rojz Caballes, the couple worked on the packaging and flavor. Soon after, they moved into a larger production area and packaged it commercially.

J’s Crispy Chicken Isaw was featured in T.V. shows a couple of times. They also joined events and launched a reseller program.

Today, J’s Crispy Chicken Isaw sells more than a thousand packs monthly. With its reseller program, the couple forecasts multiple-fold revenues.

Bryan and Rojz are also moving towards an international distribution for Filams in the USA.

How to order Js Crispy Isaw in the USA

The Js Crispy Chicken Isaw is pre-ordered in the USA with free shipping. For more info on the reseller program, please call or text Althea Distributor at 6304613986.

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