Jollibee comes to Chicago Suburbs


Jollibee comes to Bloomingdale, Chicago Suburb in 2023

BLOOMINGDALE, Ill. – In a delectable treat for American taste buds, Jollibee Bloomingdale officially welcomed patrons on October 13, 2023.

Nestled at 396 West Army Trail Road in Bloomingdale, IL, this latest addition to the esteemed Jollibee USA fast-food chain is gaining acclaim for its delectable menu, boasting a selection of fried chicken, burgers, spaghetti, and Filipino dishes.

This particular Jollibee outpost in Bloomingdale made its grand entrance on a memorable “Friday, the 13th.”

Notably, the savory fried chicken, mouthwatering burgers, and signature Filipino spaghetti have rapidly propelled Jollibee into a preferred destination for food enthusiasts seeking an extraordinary and diverse fast-food experience.


Blockbuster opening week

Jollibee USA is a prime example of a global brand successfully captivating the American palate by harmoniously blending international and traditional fast-food elements.

The blockbuster opening of Jollibee Bloomingdale drew massive crowds during its opening weekend, with long lines snaking outside the establishment.

Even the following weekday, eager customers encountered a lengthy queue, a testament to this culinary event’s anticipation and excitement.

Notably, the Solano family, who lives nearby, was keen to be a part of this historic moment but opted to dine at a nearby restaurant due to the long line.

Undeterred, they returned early the next day to ensure they could savor the flavors and be a part of the much-anticipated grand opening.



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