Isabel Izzy Kanaan Makes Fun of “Pinoys Abroad”


Isabel “Izzy” Kanaan makes fun of “Filipino Abroad,” and it’s crazy hilarious

Isabel Kanaan is a Filipino-Canadian film and theatre actor turned comedian who takes her career “abroad” seriously. Her comedic stunts are seriously Filipino.

Isabel takes the idiosyncratic and stereotypical Filipino and sends it into a tailspin of absolute craziness. Sometimes, she’s able to turn tragedy into comic relief—and it’s absolutely hilarious.

Take Izzy seriously—seriously?

Isabel takes her craft and talent seriously. She studied Acting for Camera and Voice at Second City and Seneca College in Canada. “People often think acting is all fun and glamour, but it’s a lot of workshe said.

She takes her comedic career seriously as a member of CBC’s sketch comedy troupe Air Farce, the Canadian Comedy Award-winning sketch troupe The Sketchersons, and Second City’s House Ensemble and Educational Company.

Izzy Kanaan’s performance in a lead role at Haunted or Hoax won her the NYC Web Fest’s Audience Choice Award. She was also awarded the NBC Universal Bob Curry Fellowship in 2017.

In 2018, Kanaan was one of the RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Winners.

Isabel Kanaan began her career at 16. Since then, she’s been to dozens of film, musical, and theater roles, comedy sketches, and live performances. She has combined followers of 1 million on social media. (Photo: Izzy Kanaan media)

Abroad: “Izzy has multiple personalities”

In 2022, Isabel “Izzy” Kanaan came out on a comedic sketch at her own show, ‘Abroad,’ on OMNI Television. She starred as Robo Yaya, Black Market Nestor, Passive Aggressive Mama, Devy Satana, and Manny Pacquiao.

These comedy sketches are 100% Filipino, hinting at Sinigang and Bicol Express.

Homage to the Pinoy culture

Born and raised in Manila, Isabel left the Philippines in 2008 when she was only ten. But in whatever project she does, “I always pay homage to my heritage, my culture, and my truth,” she said.

In the same year, Isabel became part of a YouTube Channel – Pulp Comedy, as a cast and writer. She also collaborated with MYX Global with a long list of upcoming projects.

Isabel Kanaan is known for Sloppy Jones (2022), Abroad (2022), and Haunted or Hoax (2016). She regularly performs with the Asian Canadian theatre company fu-GEN Theatre and the Filipino Canadian company Carlos Bulosan Theatre.

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