Is it still worth it to live in New York?


Is it still worth returning and living in New York, especially if you are Asian?

In August 2020, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo begged wealthy business owners to come back to the city, “I’ll buy you a drink!” he said. The jest did nothing.

The New York exodus isn’t just the pandemic but the high cost of living, towering taxes, and precarious public safety. Its dilemma runs deep within its progressive policies.

Democrat and Republican states

According to Investors, the worst-run cities with “high taxes and spending” are Democrat states. As a result, New Yorkers leave for lower tax states like Texas, Florida, Nevada, and Arizona at record numbers. In short, Republican policies appear to be better for the economy.

Difference between Republicans and Democrats.

New York’s economy is driven by financial services, retail trade, and tourism. Hedge-fund manager James Altucher said NYC wouldn’t bounce back this time. (Photo © 2021 Filam Tribune)

5 Reasons why staying in New York may not be worth it for starting families

1. Your employment may not be secure

Small businesses are the backbone of any economy. New York’s “progressive business policies” of high taxes and complex regulations make it challenging to thrive. Minneapolis, the poster child of progressive laws, is in the same dilemma.

Also, AI technology has begun taking over jobs in retail sales and marketing. Remote work has become an effective alternative. Some jobs do not require you to live in the city.

High-earners in tech and finance left New York

The unemployment rate decreased slightly in 2021, but jobs continue to struggle. Many high earners in tech and finance left, reported CBNC. At least one-third of businesses stopped operations, according to NY Post.

During the 2020 pandemic, states with the lowest unemployment rate were mostly populated by Conservatives like Nebraska, Utah, South Dakota, Kansas, and Texas.

A.I. has begun taking over jobs in retail sales

AI and automation will replace jobs in 2030.

2. Leaders continue to fail in peace and order

Author, comedy club owner, and former hedge-fund manager James Altucher said in New York Post, “NYC is dead forever… Now it’s completely dead.” But NYC always bounces back? No. Not this time, he said.

During riots and looting last June 2020, Austin said the second wave of New Yorkers left. Many of them aren’t returning.

In 2020, hundreds of city businesses were damaged and looted by the BLM riots. The Democrat Governor and Mayor refused to address the “threat of bloodshed” on the street.

As a result, many of James’ friends moved to Nashville, Miami, Denver, Salt Lake, Austin, and Dallas—mostly Republican cities.

The second wave of New Yorkers left

Asian Lives Matters too.

3. Crimes continue to surge in the city

Shooting, rape, homicide, and burglaries spiked in 2020. The surge continued in 2021, and Asian-Americans were easy targets. In February alone, two incidents of Asians were pushed onto subway tracks.

New York City subway is not safe?

Growing crime rates in the New York subway seem uncontrollable. Violent crime was up nearly 57 percent in July 2022, compared to the same period a year ago and violence continues. Earlier this year, four people, including three teens, were stabbed on a New York City Subway platform, reported NBC news.

In 2022, the transit authority installed security cameras on every car to reassure riders who have avoided the trains because of rising crime rates. “You think Big Brother is watching you on the subway?” Gov. Kathy Hochul said on Tuesday. “You’re absolutely right. That is our intent.”

Defunding police in New York

New York’s liberal-Democrat leaders joined the bandwagon of “defunding the police.” They called the move of slashing police funds “progressive policy.”

The wife of New York’s Democrat Mayor asked citizens to “physically intervene” to stop violent crimes against Asians. Months earlier, she convinced her husband to join BLM’s demands to defund the police.

In February alone, two incidents of Asians pushed onto subway tracks.

Asian-American “hate crimes” surge in New York.

4. Homeless encampments expanding

New York’s “tent city” is expanding. As a result, locals and business people find it difficult to exist with the growing dangers in the city.

For example, a woman peed and “caca” by the bus stop. Hence nobody wanted to use the stop. The owner of an eatery across the street also said, “They started camping out there… recently it got bigger.”

Worst, some have mental issues. “They throw bottles,” he said in a report by NY Post. In short, New York is turning into an unsafe place to live.

Massive “tent cities” are mainly Democrat-led cities like Los Angeles, New York, Washington, Portland, and New Mexico.

Homelessness continues to rise.

Minneapolis poster child of progressives.

5. Family planning better outside the city

According to Brooklyn Movers, raising children in New York is not safe. “People leaving NYC has a lot to do with the safety of the environment.” It includes the dangers of commuting in subways and public school safety. 

Still, New York rentals are at an all-time low, which is great for a newly married couple. The median rent has gone down at least 20 percent.

If you’re starting a family, it may not be worth it. Young families are moving out of the city.

People leaving NYC, a lot to do with the safety of the environment.

Conservative people, more egalitarian?

New York, California, and Chicago’s Exodus

Even before the lockdown, business people have been leaving primarily Democrat states. In 2021, businesses moved out of Chicago. Hence, the Illinois exodus. State-to-state migration is worse in California, the poster child of left-liberals.

Unless policies change, the Left-Liberal politics of Cuomo and De Blasio won’t help; and if you are Asian, Trumpsters using the phrase “China virus” puts Asians in danger.

New Census numbers showed New York’s population fell 319,020, or 1.6%, in the 12 months leading up to July 1, 2021 — the most significant single-year drop in state history, according to NY Post.

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