Immigrant Dad Calls Woke Gender Ideology in School Garbage


Immigrant dad Dimis Christophy criticized the “woke” school agenda that’s dumbing down students in Loudon County in Virginia

Loudon County, Virginia, has become the focal point of parents resisting woke agendas in schools. Dimis Christophy, a father of one of the students, was appalled with the kind of leftist gender ideology pushed on children—saying it is harmful, divisive, and making kids dumber.

For example, he noted in a separate interview with Daily Caller how ridiculous gender pronouns are and how they confuse kids with basic biology.

To make a point, he told the school that his kid’s pronouns are now King and Queen, and they should be addressed as such.

I know, King and Queen are not pronouns… but you must realize it because it’s not just pronouns. People are coming out telling me, hey, I’m a Mermaid,” he said.

Christophy argues that schools should focus on teaching academic subjects such as math, science, and literature instead of promoting what he called “garbage ideology.”

We have social justice warrior so-called teachers trying to shove their garbage ideology down our kid’s throat. Their job is to teach our kids math, science, biology, and literature, and that’s it. Not ideology.”


He believes that this new kind of gender ideology, that’s never been heard of until now, is distracting children from their studies, confusing them, and ultimately making them less intelligent.

What they’re doing is they’re dumbing down the children. They’re not making them smarter. They’re just distracting them with all this dumb ideology stuff,” he said in an interview with Fox News.


Many parents across the country feel the same way, said Dimis, but are afraid to speak out because they may face backlash from the gay community and neighbors or friends who support this ideology.

Dimis is an immigrant from Iran who came to the US in 1993. He shared his experience growing up in a highly conservative and oppressive country.

He said that although the teachers wanted to indoctrinate them with certain ideologies, the school system focused on educating children.

In 2022, Loudoun County Public School faced backlash again when a “gender-fluid” student sexually assaulted a female student in the girls’ bathroom while wearing a skirt.


Virginia’s Loudon district at the center of progressive policies

The school was accused of covering up the assault and allowing the student to transfer to another school, where they assaulted another girl.

The Virginia school district approved a new policy expanding the rights of transgender students in 2021.

The same year, Loudoun County became the center of critical race theory debate over their “progressive school policies.” [Reuters]


An immigrant and conservative parent Dimis Christophy calls the new gender ideology garbage.


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