Illinois Elementary School Welcomes “Satan Club”


Illinois Jane Addams Elementary School offers children ‘After School Satan Club,’ sponsored by ‘The Satanic Temple’

Parents enraged after Jane Addams Elementary School, Lawndale School District in Moline City, Illinois, welcomed The Satanic Temple (TST) by allowing it to conduct an after-school club.

Schools have volunteer teachers who teach after-school ‘satan club’ sponsored by The Satanic Temple ‘After School Satan Club,'” said a parent on this Facebook Post.

The Moline-Valley School District released the following statement to defend its position on allowing the demonic group to be part of its extracurricular programs.

The Moline-Coal Valley School District and Board of Education have policies and administrative procedures in place which allow for community use of its publicly funded facilities outside. The district does not discriminate against any groups who wish to rent our facilities, including religious-affiliated groups.” (January 11, 2022)

Satanists have been encouraged in recent years, following progressive-liberal politicians who support their cause. For example, they’ve permitted the group to conduct satanic prayers and parade their “idol god” Baphomet, in public areas, but banned Christian prayers in some proceedings.

In 2020, Luciferians conquered the steps of the US State Capitol in broad daylight for a Satanic invocation. In 2021, witches and Satanists cast a spell against Donald Trump to prevent him from winning a second term.

When Democrat President Joe Biden won, he pledged to make abortion the law of the land and advanced the Gender Equality Act of 2021, a move that TST and the Marxist group BLM also supports.

Satan no longer hides as church attendance declines in America. All these began in the 1960s when Christian prayers were banned in public schools.

satanic club flyer
Informational flyer brought by a student of Jane Addams Elementary School in Moline, Illinois. The Satanic school club was conducted on the school premises, after school. All children were invited to join.

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