How to Adopt Child in the Philippines?


American Citizen Child Adoption from the Philippines

The Hague Convention allows for the protection of children that, include adoption. According to the US Embassy Manila, it governs all adoptions between the United States and almost 75 countries from the convention, including The Philippines.

The Immigration and Nationality Act defines an adoptee (from the Philippines or other countries) as a child under 16. The child or children resides in a Hague-member convention country, and the adoptive U.S. citizen is in American territory.


Who can adopt?

A joint spouse, separated or unmarried, whose at least 25 years old can adopt a child in the Philippines. For more info, call the Bureau of Consular Affairs at 202-736-9130. 

Who can be adopted?

  • In the Philippines, any child below 18 years old is administratively or judicially declared available for adoption.
  • The legitimate son or daughter of an American citizen who lives in the USA.
  • A child whose adoption has been previously rescinded.
  • A child whose biological or adopted parent(s) has died.

How to adopt in the Philippines?

You can adopt a child in the Philippines through the ROHEI Foundation. It is a non-profit organization that advocates for secure and legal adoption. The organization believes that adoption was God’s idea, and His desire is for orphans to be adopted into families.

  1. Sign up, attend an adoption forum, and prepare initial requirements.
  2. Submit requirements and wait to be matched with a child.
  3. There will be supervised trial custody for 6 months or less.
  4. After the DSWD gives consent, you can file a court petition for a Decree of Adoption, after which a Travel Authority is issued.

Is adoption for you?

Non-profit adopting agencies

General requirements

  • Identification documents.
  • Health certificate of adoptive parents and their immediate family members.
  • Police and security clearances.
  • Income documents and character references.
  • Home study report conducted by a social worker.
  • Pictures and videos of family members in the house show the ability to care for the child.

How much does it cost to adopt a child in the Philippines?

Legal fees can cost from USD 5,000 to 10,000. The placement fee alone can go as high as USD 3,000 in addition to personal expenses such as staying in the Philippines for a limited time, health certification, and airfares.

To expedite adoption, you may want to go through an adoption or child-placing agency for additional fees.


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