The War Against Nuclear Family


How the war against the conservative nuclear family began

The war against the nuclear family began decades ago but reached its apex in 2015. The Biden-Harris administration effectively pulled the trigger on obliterating traditional families with one of its significant accomplishments: The Gender Equality Act of 2021.

In 2023, 19-year-old police officer Jacob Kersey from Georgia was pressured to resign after a Facebook post he made saying, “God designed marriage. Marriage refers to Christ and the Church. That’s why there’s no such thing as homosexual marriage.


1. The war on patriarchy

The war against the nuclear family began by calling patriarchy oppressive and a woman’s domestic role a “cult of domesticity.”

Patriarchy was out of control for centuries. They abused women and limited what they could accomplish.

However, patriarchy and the culture of domesticity in the Bible are a far cry from what abusive men did. Needless to say, the backlash has become collective.

In 2006, a new form of feminism developed through the “me too movement.” Around 2018, the terms “toxic masculinity” and mansplaining were added to the vocabulary of what would later be wokeism.

Today, society is producing weak and soft men

In 2021, the percentage of Gen Z who are LGBT has nearly doubled since 2017, a new Gallup survey data shows.

In 2020, the Chinese Ministry of Education sought to make boys “more manly,” The state media did something odd and unheard of. It effectively banned effeminate ads and actors on TV—a move aimed at protecting traditional family values.

China state media banned effeminate ads.


2. The war on women

Female goddesses shaped pagan cultures in the ancient world. When Pope Pius IX defined the dogma of the “Holy and Immaculate Mary” in 1854—idolatry turned into the worship of a woman.

More than a century after, the definition of a woman has become subjective to one’s interpretation and ideology. The transgender movement has redefined it to mean that a woman can be a man, and a man, be a woman; the rest are in-betweens.

What a woman is until eight years ago

President Joe Biden’s major accomplishment was nominating a transgender general as assistant health secretary. The following year, he appointed a Supreme Court Justice who, when asked what a woman is, said she couldn’t define it. “I am not a biologist,” she said.

Conservative author Matt Walsh released a documentary on What is a Woman following the uproar in 2022. In an interview with Piers Morgan, he said, “Everyone knew what a woman is up until about eight years ago, and everyone lost their mind.

Everyone knew what a woman was until eight years ago.


3. The war on fidelity, sex, and marriage

A century after the role of men and women was questioned, the age of hedonism resurfaced, as in the days of Noah and centuries of Greek and Roman decadence.

The Age of Aquarius

Moving forward, the hippie age of Aquarius in America launched the Woodstock Festival. It was revolutionary—but so was the decade of nudity, drugs, and open sex that’s free for all. The Holy Matrimony was out of the question.

The word polyamory was uncommon until Hollywood promoted it. Today, entanglement is the politically correct way of saying adultery.

The Holy Matrimony was out of the question.


4. The war against parents

The war on parents by woke-left liberals seems to have come to fruition just after the pandemic. For many years, planned parenthood has successfully encouraged abortion and gender transition, makings parenting irrelevant.

Along with militant LGBTQ pushing gender pronouns, same-sex marriage, and canceling womanhood, traditional parenting is now redefined.

Today, the politically correct way of parenting is no longer between a husband and wife. It could be between men and men, women and women, or a cohabitation of two or more parents.

The Modern American Family

Modern Family is a sitcom TV series for ABC from 2009 to 2020. It follows the lives of three diverse families in suburban Los Angeles.

While it is entertaining, the message of LGBTQ diversity is strong. For example, one of its viral scenes, “Locked Baby,” depicts two same-sex parents frantic because their daughter was locked out in the car.

Clearly, any “traditional parents” would feel the same, which is precisely what the movie’s writers are trying to do: to normalize gay marriages and LGBTQ families.

In the United States, the war against conservative parents is lit. It no longer comprises a mother and father.

The Language Project of “woke scientists”

In 2023, the EEB Language Project proposed to drop the use of male and female (or husbands and wives). Instead, they should be called “sperm and egg genders—on top of the several gender pronouns pushed in public schools.

Members of this organization are mostly Ph.D. graduates and professors of liberal universities in the USA.

Parenting is no longer between a husband and wife.

5. The war on children

In 2015, Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) was introduced in San Francisco, the “poster child of left-liberals.” Today, their unique kind of LGBTQ curriculum educates kids everywhere.

They read LGBTQ books to children, teach the gay alphabet, and tell everyone that being trans and having same-sex relationships have values.

The war against children progressed in schools that began with gender pronouns and LGBTQ books in libraries. In 2022, a high school endorsed the book “Lawn Boy” for teenagers with graphic descriptions of gay sex.

Meanwhile, some schools started to open their doors to Satan Club.

Today, gay characters are out and proud in Disney movies, Nickelodeon, and Hollywood—where Satan no longer hides.

In 2018, Celine Dion launched a gender-neutral clothing line in collaboration with NuNuNu to encourage young kids to be themselves. “Let people be who they are as soon as possible,” she said in an interview with HLT.

Scaring and confusing young people not to marry

In 2022, a Gallup poll showed that 7.1% of the population identifies as gay or bisexual. That’s double the percentage from 2012. With Greta Thunberg’s “climate scare,” more young people would rather cohabitate and not have kids.


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