How Social Media canceled conservatives


Three ways social media platforms appear to be canceling conservative voices

1. Deactivating the social media accounts of conservatives

Social media accounts led by Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter deactivated thousands of conservative accounts—as liberal Democrat President Biden Took Office in 2021.

Other “woke companies” that banned Trump (and his supporters) were Amazon, AppleDeutsche BankShopifyGoFundMeReddit, TikTok, and PayPal joined the bandwagon by canceling ex-President Trump’s account and his followers who supported his (debunked) voter fraud claim.

Purging of political enemies?


2. Social media bias: Punishing conservatives

Facebook and YouTube ban prominent pro-Catholic Life Site News

In January 2021, Twitter locked (again) the account of the conservative Catholic website Lifesitenews because of a tweet saying President Biden’s newly named Assistant Secretary of Health, Rachel Levine, is a biological male.

The following month, LifeSiteNews has been permanently banned on YouTube for its pro-life and anti-LGBTQ stand.

In the same year, Facebook permanently banned LifeSiteNews for its “vaccine-discouraging information on the platform.

SC Justice Clarence Thomas

In the same year, Amazon Prime stopped streaming ‘Clarence Thomas Documentary’ during Black History Month, the irony. Thomas is the only Black U.S. Supreme Court Justice.

Thomas is a pro-life conservative who voiced his concern about electoral fraud.

Clarence Thomas’s documentary, “He Is the wrong black guy. He has to be destroyed.”


What Twitter allows and flags

Twitter is one of the few major social media platforms that permit nudity on its platform. The company’s adult content constitutes 13%, according to a separate internal slide presentation seen by Reuters.

Major advertisers like PBS Kids suspended advertising on Twitter because it apparently solicited child pornography on Twitter, Reuters reported in September 2022.

Twitter’s double standard peaks during the Trump era

NY Post reported,Conservatives have long griped about a double standard on Twitter, saying the company’s rules cater to lefty users or are selectively enforced against more right-leaning voices.

While the company will ban you for not using someone’s preferred pronoun, tweets from a verified Black Lives Matter activist calling for violence remain untouched, the NYP added.

In 2022, Twitter apologized to NY Conservative Party for suspending them for two months. “Twitter creates more red flags for conservative organizations that ultimately result in suspensions,” Gerard Kassar told NYP.


3. Social Media algorithm disavows conservative content

Facebook and Twitter’s algorithm

In 2021, Twitter claimed its algorithm amplifies right-wing conservative voices. However, billionaire Elon Musk who bought the company in 2022, said it has a ‘strong left-wing bias.’

One new study by professors at MIT and Yale called “Is Twitter Biased Against Conservatives? The Challenge of Inferring Political Bias in a Hyper-Partisan Media Ecosystem” recently took a look.

The study authors followed 9,000 politically engaged Twitter users, half Democratic and half Republican, in October 2020. The authors kept track of their Twitter habits for six months after the 2020 election.

Bias over Conservative Republicans

A recent study used data from ‘politically engaged Twitter users in 2020 when Republican Conservative Donald Trump ran for reelection.

Researchers found a disparity between how many users from each party were suspended — 7.7% of the Democrats compared to 35.6% of Republicans.

Somehow, the benchmark of these social media giants seems to center on Trump’s election campaign. In 2016, the Facebook algorithm disproportionately affected conservative posts, reported NY Post.

Biased fact-checkers

Facebook social media allegedly flagged “real news” as “fake news.” Fact-checkers need fact-checking for their bias, as Candice Owens puts it.

In 2020, PragerU and other Christian pages claimed algorithms were likely tweaked—so their posts won’t often appear in people’s feeds.

In 2021, Babylon Bee, a satirical website known for “attacking the left,” posted a blog mocking toxic masculinity. Their page with one million followers received only ‘one like.’ One comment said the post didn’t even show until Babylonbee reposted it as an image.

Psychologist Jordan Peterson

On June 22, 2022, popular conservative figure Jordan Peterson tweeted his opinion on actor Elliot Page who underwent gender transition surgery. Peterson was suspended from Twitter later that day for allegedly violating their rules against hateful conduct.

A week later, his friend Dave Rubin visited Twitter to comment on Peterson’s suspension. Rubin was suspended for that comment. [Fee Org]


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