How Rachelle Ann Met Husband Martin Spies


Rachelle Ann Go Shares How She Met Husband Martin Spies

Martin Spiel and Rachelle met through a common friend, Arlene Joy Bartolome.  Martin’s first thought of Rachelle was her radiant beauty the first time he saw her. He saw something deep and stunning.

Falling for her was another thing. Martin said it was Rachelle’s love for her family and God that made him fall in love with her.

In September 2017, Go became engaged to Martin Spies. He prayed for God’s best. He got the answer when they married in Boracay on April 18, 2018. In 2021, the Spies couple is expecting their first child. They live in London.

Watch Rachel tell their story

Rachelle Ann Go shares in her vlog how she and husband Martin Spies met for the first time.

Ready to be a mom?

Last November 2020, Rachel posted on her I.G. that if someone asked about having a baby, she’d say she’s not ready. “I was reluctant to pray… I had to be sure because… every time I ask God for something, He usually gives it right away,” she said.

For some reason, the couple prayed for a baby about eight months ago. God answered them immediately. Rachel Ann Go-Spiel is having a baby!

Raising a family

Rachel and Martin Spies’ home has a special corner, a wall where they hang pictures of their “spark of joys.” They’re building a family and a career is the last thing on her mind.

In 2014, Rachel went to London to play the role of Gigi Van Tranh in Miss Saigon. The following year, she played Fantine in Les Misérables. In 2017, she was offered other roles, including Eliza Hamilton, in Hamilton’s original West End production.

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