Hive Red Light Therapy Review


Does Hive Red Light Therapy Device Really Work?

Red Light & Near-Infrared Light Therapy has been scientifically proven in peer-reviewed clinical trials to have anti-aging effects and heal the skin and body.

Product-specific and pricing

There are two specific frequencies of Red and Near-Infrared Light. These are at 660nm and 850nm (nanometer). The average price is $285 to $1,100 for the Hive brand.

Other brands aside from Hive include Biomax, Mito Red Light, DaVinci, and others.

Known benefits of Red Light Therapy

  • Help with neurological disease.
  • Fight depression and anxiety.
  • Increase fat loss.
  • Speed recovery from exercise.
  • Improve your sleep.
  • Increase strength and endurance.
  • Combat some autoimmune conditions.
  • Fight hair loss.
  • Speed healing from injury.

How does Red Light Works?

A Red Light therapy device’s low EMF, high power LEDs are wavelengths of light “bioactive” to humans. As a result, it positively affects the function of our cell’s mitochondria. It gives a boost of energy.

More importantly, it reduces inflammation making it ideal for post-recovery workouts or for those recovering from injury—infrared and Red Light Therapy power your cells by creating ATP (Energy).

Does Red Light Therapy really work?

First of all, all types and brands of Red Light Therapy are legit. Although there are knockouts, they are all likely manufactured in China. Most of these are marketed in the USA because it’s the biggest paying market. Also, a lot of Americans are desperate for new technologies.

The simple technology is new, but it is a simple “infrared light.” To date, we have found the following critical and positive reviews for red light products in general.

  • Miraculous for aged eyesight!
  • It works effectively over time… not a miracle machine.
  • High quality really works!
  • Lives up to expectation
  • A physical therapist recommended it, but I still don’t see any results.
  • It causes some sort of redness in the skin, perhaps like a tan.
  • My husband hurt his back, knee, and hip in an accident. Despite using it daily there’s been no change for about a year now.

The bottom line, there really is no solid scientific study to prove infrared Light works. However, heat does help the body heal itself faster. The opposite is ironically true for using a cold compress on an injured body.

The only advantage of using this machine is switching on a heat-producing element instead of boiling water for a hot compress.


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