HexClad Hybrid Review, Is The Pan Worth It?


Hexclad Hybrid review, is it worth the price?

HexClad is a cooking pan that like other brands, claims a “triple-ply” coat. By far, the most popular frying pan is T-fal—but that’s because they had a good head start and were very affordable.

For one 10” pan of HexClad, you can buy at least four non-stick pans—is it worth it?

“Le Creuset Toughened 10″ Nonstick Pro” which also claims triple-reinforced coating sells at $115 vs. HexClad at $137. Keep in mind that a T-fal’s High-Quality Advanced Titanium pan is only $20.

HexClad layers

Magnetic Stainless Steel

Like T-fal or other brands, they too have a stainless steel base that enables the pan to be used in induction cooktops. It’s a given.

Aluminum Middle Layer

This layer provides a nice quick and even heating. Of course, this feature is again available in other brands. What’s unique is the steel etch that “sandwiches” the two layers.

Laser Etching

The top steel layer is actually a patented laser-cut etching process. The hexagonal design creates a series of peaks and valleys and provides the pan with its non-stick ability in addition to its nonstick coat.

Like a screen barrier, it lessens the chance of scratching when using hard utensils. Ultimately, it protects the pan’s nonstick black coat from peel or flake.

The stainless steel peaks give that brown sear for meat. However, customers mentioned the discoloration of the hexagonal etching. But like other stainless steel pans, discoloration is normal.



HexClad compared with Le Creussat’s and T-fal through Amazon reviews as of August 2020:

  • T-fal – 5-Star Rating is 81% out of 1,226 Ratings
  • Le Creuset – 5-Star Rating is 83% out of only 209 Ratings
  • HexClad Hybrid – 5-Star Rating is 47% out of only 17 Ratings

Although we should be wary of trusting Amazon ratings, it’s still the best way to find out about customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, they fall far below.

A 47 percent 5-Star satisfaction is bad. Perhaps, not because it’s not working well but because of the price versus the longevity of use.

Their Facebook review is promising with 50,000 followers, mostly positive reviews. However, we will never know if bad reviews were deleted.

In contrast, Le Creuset and T-fal have millions of followers on social media. But that’s because they’ve been in the market for decades. HexClad was introduced in 2016, just four years ago.

Both HexClad and Le Creuset offer lifetime guarantees, but make sure to register your product.

Bottom line, is HexClad worth it?

Le Creuset will likely last at least 2-3 years based on customer reviews. HexClad for at least four years, and T-fal for a year or two, based on our own experience of using it.

Judging from HexClad’s unique top stainless steel etching, it seems to be the most durable non-stick pan to date. Price-wise, it’s way too expensive for the kind of materials used.

With that amount, you can replace your pan with Teflon or DuPont once a year for the next five years. You get your money’s worth with HexClad if you use it multiple times a day.



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