Is Harvard University Racist?


Harvard University scores Asian American applicants lower than whites – PragerU

It used to be that Blacks were heavily discriminated against in Ivy League schools. Today, Black Americans have equal, if not more, privilege than whites. It proves Black privilege exists. However, it’s different for Asian minorities.

Harvard admissions rates student applicants in three categories. Academic performance; Extracurricular achievements; Personal qualities. Most Asians score highest in the first two but not the third.

Harvard artificially and fraudulently downgrades Asians on “personality” because of quota

According to PragerU, the third qualification have subjective factors such as—likability, maturity, integrity, and enthusiasm.

Asian American applicants are routinely and systematically marked much lower by admissions officers who almost never meet or interview applicants.

Ironically, the personality ratings are given to Asian students. It’s own alumni interviewers who met the applicants score them as high as whites.

Harvard University wants to suppress the number of Asian admissions

Asian-Americans scored higher than applicants of any other racial or ethnic group on admissions. But the students’ ratings significantly dragged their chances of admission.

Harvard conducted an internal investigation into its admissions policies in 2013 and found a bias against Asian-American applicants.

Is Harvard for you?

Most of the colleges in the USA founded over 300 years ago began as Bible-proclaiming schools. Harvard and Yale (Puritans) and Princeton (Presbyterians) once had rich Christian histories, but today, they have pushed out conservative (Christian) values.

Instead, a twisted and dangerous far-left ‘social justice‘ have gone to universities, said apologist John MacArthur.

“In every disaster throughout American history, there always seems to be a man from Harvard in the middle of it,” said Professor Thomas Sowell.

In 2022, Harvard hired a new chaplain who is an outspoken atheist.


Johnston Gate at Harvard University. A group suing Harvard says a trove of newly released documents show that admissions officials discriminated against Asian-American applicants.

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