Grim future amidst illiteracy, debt, lawlessness


Grim future of next-generation amidst growing illiteracy, widening debt, and lawlessness in the USA

The future for the next generation of Americans appears increasingly grim due to a trifecta of growing concerns: illiteracy, debt deficit, and uncontrolled crime.

These pressing issues cast a shadow on the prospects of young Americans, paving the way for potential economic decline and social instability.

1. Growing Illiteracy and College Unreadiness

A surge in illiteracy and low college readiness is looming. The education system’s struggle to uphold literate Americans is alarming.

In 2019, pre-pandemic data painted a grim picture for college readiness: English (59%), Reading (45%), Math (39%), and Science (36%). The data got worse in 2023.

Aggravating the situation is the lowering of academic standards. For example, some schools removed ‘F’ grades to combat “systemic racism,” SAT/ACT requirements are abandoned due to widespread high school unpreparedness for college.”

Also, some high schools have removed Honors lists and dropped Honors classes in the name of equity. Still, these remedies could not contain the epidemic of laziness.

Diminishing competitiveness

Over recent years, Asians have outperformed other ethnicities in terms of academic excellence. However, certain schools have opted to refrain from publicly recognizing top achievers to avoid competitiveness.

It is common for American high schools to omit to mention in public, academic honors during ceremonies and remove valedictorians and salutatorians altogether.

For example, a Glenbard North High School student from Illinois was advised to limit Honors cords by not showing cords from Honors societies during their 2023 graduation ceremony.

Colleges and universities use affirmative action credits to boost underperformers, prioritizing racial ideology over merit-based competition.

2. Debt Deficit and Economic Vulnerability

The economy faces potential instability as the nation’s external debts and unemployment continue to mount. As such, economists see the economy as a giant bubble fueled by overprinting money.

In early 2023, Goldman Sachs forecasts the loss of 300 million jobs by 2030 as A.I. ascendancy continues to spread across business domains.

The situation is further complicated because other Asian countries are outpacing the United States in terms of PPP-adjusted GDP.

For example, Singapore falls as the fifth most competitive economy globally, a country smaller than New York City.

The U.S. national debt was more than $31.42 trillion in 2022, the highest national debt in the world.

In context, the U.S. owes as much money as the following four countries with the highest debt, including China ($14 trillion), Japan ($10.2 trillion), France ($3.1 trillion), and Italy ($2.9 trillion). [Al Jazeera]

3. Lawlessness and Moral Decay

Uncontrolled crime, evidenced by the rise of out-of-control “tent cities,” open street drugs, and lawlessness in mostly blue states, raises significant national security and stability concerns.

This phenomenon, reminiscent of the Great Depression era, suggests an erosion of societal values and moral compass.

“Progressive cities” San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, and New York exemplify this shift.

Unemployment and homelessness are critical factors in determining economic stability. Still, it is also a predictor of crimes, as we now see in California and New York, where crime and looting are out of control. [Townhall]

To see it in perspective, there are currently 580,466 homeless people in the USA. In between are Uganda, with 500,000, and the African Republic, with 686,200 homeless people in 2023. [WPR]

Democrat states seem to prioritize destructive and constantly evolving woke ideologies instead of common-sense policies.

The USA also leads in global sex consumption and the largest porn industry, with around 60% of porn websites hosted in the country—along with high percentages of human trafficking.

Facing the Inevitable?

Historically, empires typically last around 250 years. The USA will reach this milestone in 2026 as crime, homelessness, illegal drugs, and unemployment continue to surge with no signs of slowing down.

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