Grammy Awards Celebrate Satan in 2023


The Grammy Awards celebrates Satan in “Unholy’ performance in 2023

Satan no longer hides in music as the 65th Grammy Award celebrates what conservative news DailyWire called “A Tribue To Satan.” Sam Smith appeared to channel Lucifer himself, something no one could imagine a singer would do on live TV.

Petras and Smith’s hell of a performance

Kim Petras and Sam’s hell of a performance for the song “Unholy” included the devil’s horns, and fires of hell, an all-red color theme traditionally meant to mock the blood of JesusSatan’s archenemy.

Unholy acolytes

“All hail Sam” would highlight the smash collaboration of Petras and Smith, as he was surrounded by long-haired whorish acolytes in identical” red sheaths. The dancers were devilish enough to conjure an “unholy performance,” something Cardi B and J Lo already did.

Meltdown by religious and conservatives

Tribute to Satan

Elon Musk twitted “End of days vibes,” Republican Sen. Ted Cruz said, “This is evil,” and journalist Ben Kew said, “Smith’s performance is literally a tribune to Satan.

CBS and Pfizer

Before the performance, Smith tweeted, “this is going to be special,” and mainstream media CBS replied to his tweet, “Smith’s “We are ready to worship!.” Conservative pundit Charlie Kirk said, “The Devil. Brought to you by Pfizer…”

Conjure an unholy performance.

Unholy song lyrics are ‘Liberating’

Sam Smith’s “Unholy song” begins with the lyrics, “Mummy don’t know daddy’s getting hot at the body shop, doing something unholy; he lucky, lucky, yeah.

Filam writer for Star Caster Lea Veloso calls the song “An absolute slay!.” It feels like an emotional, sexual, and spiritual liberation…it feels like a coming of age,” Smith said in a press release.

Sam Smith is correct; it is a coming of age—a new satanic age for Gen-Z.

A new satanic age for Gen-Z.

Grammy 65: The United States Sodom and Gomorrah?

Mike Dice mocks Grammy 65, calling it a pure noise and pop poison, fitting for the “United States Sodom and Gomorrah.: Apparently, the show celebrated not only Satan but the LGBTQ revolution.

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