Gender Pronouns: A new war against conservatives


Gender pronouns, a new war against conservatives ushers in with the Biden-Harris Gender Equality Act

Militant LGBTQ is on the rise and policing those who refuse to be “respectful” of their preferred pronouns. If you disagree with their science, you’re labeled a bigot and may lose your job, just like what happened to a Christian Doctor in 2019.

With the transgender craze in America, the trend was empowered by one of President Biden’s major accomplishments: The Gender Equality Act of 2021.

Transgenders were scowled at and discriminated against for being queer. The tides have turned. In this video, clinician Jordan Peterson respectfully debates why gender pronouns are dangerous.

Schools implement the use of preferred gender pronouns

  • 2022, In Fairfax County School District in Virginia: students who refuse to use someone’s preferred gender pronoun could face suspension.
  • Three Kiel Middle School students from Wisconsin were accused of sexual assault. Parent Rosemary Rabidoux was told that her 13-year-old son was charged with sexual harassment for not using proper pronouns. The charges were dropped in June 2022 after Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) stepped in to help the students. [Fox 11]
  • In nearly all school districts in the USA, “sexual harassment” includes harassment based on one’s perceived sex identity, gender expression, and the status of being transgender. [CGN Training]

Empowering young Americans

The LGBTQ milestone may have empowered young Americans, but it is also grooming teenagers to be intolerant of conservative values that shaped the nation. In the meantime, the number of students silenced for expressing religious freedom is growing.

In 2019, WILL defended a student from Appleton school who expressed his Christian faith at a graduation ceremony. A group of students and the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) expressed outrage, prompting the school to seek legal remedy.

Babylon Bee satire: But gender studies in top universities like are real. They’re offered at MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Yale University, and Chicago universities.


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