Gender Pronouns: A War Against Conservatives


Gender pronouns, a new war against conservatives ushers in with the Biden-Harris Gender Equality Act

Militant LGBTQ is on the rise policing those who refuse to be “respectful” of their preferred pronouns. If you disagree with their science, you’re labeled a bigot, or you may lose your job, just like what happened to a Christian Doctor fired in 2019.

There wouldn’t be a war between two world views, but conservative pundits like Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, and Candice Owens fuel the flame and encourage their followers to stand up to what they call the “woke mob.”

Along with the transgender craze in America, empowering the LGBTQ and pro-abortionist groups are two of President Biden’s most important accomplishments.

Empowering young Americans

“Gender pronouns” is an LGBTQ milestone grooming teenagers to be intolerant of conservative values that shaped the nation a hundred years ago.


Clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson is against gender pronouns because it’s dangerous, and laws to protect them are legal overreach that threatens freedom of speech. “They’re a demonic force,” he said.

Schools implement the use of preferred gender pronouns

Since 2015, public schools have embraced a gay curriculum and gay books for kids. Same-sex bathrooms and lockers were accommodated, and gender pronouns were enforced while welcoming the Satan Club.

Likewise, the war against those who see gender pronouns as “compelled speech” is gaining traction. Here are a few examples of how militant LGBTQ is punishing those who don’t vow to their decree:

  • 2022, In Fairfax County School District in Virginia: students who refuse to use someone’s preferred gender pronoun could face suspension. [FRC]
  • 2022, One of three students, a 13-years old boy at Kiel Middle School, was charged with sexual harassment for not using proper pronouns. [Fox 11]
  • 2019, Christian Dr. David Mackereth was fired for refusing to use “trans” gender pronouns.
  • 2019, Wisconsin’s Appleton school board member Rev. Alvin Dupree, expressed his Christian faith at a graduation ceremony. Atheist students were outraged, and the Freedom From Religion Foundation sought a legal remedy against him.
  • 2018, Peter Vlaming was fired from his job as a French-language teacher in a Virginia school district because he refused to refer to a transgender student by the student’s preferred pronouns.
  • In nearly all school districts in the USA, “sexual harassment” includes harassment based on one’s perceived sex identity, gender expression, and the status of being transgender. [CGN Training]
Candy Wars: Hershey’s featured a trans woman on Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day in 2023. It prompted Daily Wire to launch a non- “woke” competitor labeled Jeremy’s Chocolates, named after co-CEO Jeremy Boreing.

Outcomes of gender law being disputed

  • Bills push for gender pronouns: Gender diversity forces everyone to use fluid or non-binary gender pronouns like “they” or “theybies.” The Canadian bill, Bill C-16, allows the replacement of “he or she” with “zie, zieself, zimself, or zirself.” Gender classification should be expanded.
  • All-Gender Bathrooms: Males can use a female bathroom and vice versa if they feel like it. A male sex offender can pretend to be gay and use the girl’s bathroom. The law protects them from exercising their choice of a public restroom.
  • Gender labels: LGTB should be LGTBQ actually to mean LGBTTTQQIAA. The redefinition of sexes confuses everyone into believing that there are more than two sexes.
  • Junk he & she: The University of Tennessee is urging incoming students and teachers to junk references to “he,” “she,” and “them” in favor of gender-neutral “ze” and “xe.” UT wanted to ensure it was not singling out transgender or non-binary students. [Washington Examiner]
  • Biological boys compete in all-girls sports: A born male who claims to be a female person can now compete with biologically born girls in school – and they actually win. Most transgender rejects basic science and push for idiotic ideologies that insist they are “biological females.”
  • Laws passed to redefine sex roles: Liberal Democrats want to ruin the definition of sex. They are empowered, and anyone who disagrees can be liable for a criminal offense. [Heritage]
Conservative pundit Ben Shapiro is fueling the gender war. He thinks that forcing gender pronouns, especially on kids can confuse them and carries with it inherent dangers.


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