How Equality Act of 2021 Affects Christians


How Democrat’s ‘Equality Act’ targets conservative Christian businesses, parents, kids—depending on how the court interprets proceedings

In 2021, President Biden pushed the Equality Act. Similar to SOGI for Filipinos, the bill aims to protect LGBTQ rights from discrimination and sex-based stereotypes. However, it also tramples on Christian parents’ rights, businesses, and eventual harm to confused minors.

  1. Christian cannot refuse service, even if it goes against their conscience.
  2. Parents may lose rights over kid’s desire for gender transition.
  3. Parents who push for “gay counseling” akin to child abuse.
  4. Children are encouraged to seek ‘gender transition.’
  5. Christian adoption agencies forced to accommodate gay couples.
  6. LGBTQ and sex education included in the elementary curriculum
  7. It encourages “gay sex” among young people.

1. Christians cannot refuse service, even if it goes against their conscience

A Christian doctor cannot refuse to perform irreversible gender reassignment; a Christian retirement home for Christians (husbands and wives) is obliged to accommodate a gay couple.

Rejection is discrimination

Christians who refused to accommodate services to gay couples have already been brought to court. Although they won, the Equality Act may overturn religious rights.

2. Parents may lose rights over kid’s desire for gender transition

The Equality Act will prevent parents from stopping a child who wants puberty blockers or reassignment. In 2019, Democrat house speaker Pelosi’s Equality Act may result in parents losing child custody if they want gender transition. [Emilie Kao]

In the case of “Save James,” the court favored the mother of 8-years old James, who wants to “help” transition him to female through puberty blockers. [NY Post]

Some states already allow procedures for minors

State rules, such as in Delaware, already allow minors to choose their sex without a parent’s consent. Oregon allows teenagers as young as 15 years old to get a sex change without their parents even knowing about it. [HERC; Delaware]

In 2019, an Ohio judge removed a 17-year-old child from parents’ custody after refusing to allow doctors to help her “transition” with testosterone. 

3. Parents who push their gay kids for “Christian counseling” may be interpreted as child abuse

The Equality Act may prevent a Christian parent from helping a child overcome gay struggles through Christian counseling. A minor child forced into it may be interpreted as child abuse.

Christian counseling therapy a child abuse?

Puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones could be available for kids as young as 9 years old. Parents who prevent chemical castration, upon Doctor’s advice, may have legal repercussions. The law protects children’s rights.

3. Children encouraged to seek state-funded ‘gender transition

It will encourage more teenagers to seek reassignment surgery (sex mutilation) as state funding will be available to “help” kids transition. Sen. Rand Paul compared what the law called “transgender care” to “sex gender mutilation.”

Encouraging top bottom surgery for teenagers

Minors could then undergo irreversible “top or bottom” surgery currently allowed to 18 years old and above. Parents cannot stop a child who seeks to change their sex organs.

5. Christian adoption agencies may be forced to accommodate gay couples adopting a child

Adoption or foster care centers that operate within a religious foundation (such as Catholic and Christian missions) may lose federal funding if they refuse to place a child with a same-sex couple. [Signal]

6. LGBTQ and sex education included in the elementary curriculum

A curriculum, fashioned by left-liberal educators, may introduce “gay and sex education.” The aim is to encourage “closet kids” to “come out” without fear of discrimination.

While the intention is good, it will also cause gender confusion for those whose “gay feelings” are merely a transition by itself.

Those who fully embraced being gay may seek sex reassignment at a young age—which won’t really help, explains the Heritage Foundation.

Teaching young kids gay families have values

The number of Americans who identify as LGBTQ increased. In fact, a spike of 4,500 percent among teenage girls claiming gender dysphoria has alarmed officials in the UK. They blame a social contagioun brought by social influences, schools, and media who push an ideology.

In fact, DQSH has been going around libraries to teach kids the “gay alphabet;” read books about “gay families.” [ECP]

7. It encourage more permissive “gay sex” among young people

Same-sex experiences are rising and have become an acceptable norm, according to a study. The Equality Act will seal the fact that “gay sex” or being a “trans child” is acceptable, except that it is not—among Christian conservatives.

Liberal politics behind “The Gaying of America

LGBTQ’s shining moment was in 2015 when same-sex marriage was legalized. In the same year, the Satanic Temple had its first state-sanction prayer and ritual in Michigan.

In 2000 and 2011, President Clinton and Obama “upgraded” the PRIDE month. Transgender characters in cartoons and movie fuels the rise of young people seeking change sex says a leading expert Dr. Carmichael.

Half our members are gay,” says Satanic Temple’s co-founder Lucien Greaves, which is not to say all gays are Satanic. The point is, equality is Satan’s crux.

Love knows no gender

The Bible records Jonathan and David’s brotherly love more wonderful than that of a woman. Likewise, Ruth declared love for Naomi. It doesn’t mean theirs was a sexual relationship.

With mainstream media on the LGBTQ side, a “Luciferian gender equality” dominates America’s social landscape, next to systemic racism.

Can Christians be straight?
Becket Cook testimony.

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