Five Careers OpenAI Can’t Replace

Five job careers OpenAI ChatGPT and VoiceGPT cannot replace in the next two decades

ChatGPT will revolutionize how we seek answers in all aspects of life. The ChatGPT AI can seamlessly integrate with smartphones, AI devices such as Alexa and Google, machinations for academic and emotional support, and God knows what.

For decades, Google has been the leader in on-demand data and information. In 2023, Microsoft plans to invest $10 Billion in OpenAI. This means AI can be incorporated into Microsoft apps used in education and businesses.

However, the OpenAI’s ChatGPT, VoiceAI, and DALL-E language models cannot do the job requiring a physical presence, dexterity, and a high emotional quotient.

1. Construction and Engineering

Construction worker
Civil Engineer
Electrical Engineer
Project Managers

Jobs that require visual judgment and physical tasks cannot be accomplished with Generative Pre-trained Transformer or GPT.

There’s no arguing that machines can do a better job in construction. However, it can’t do everything.

Jobs that require visual judgment and physical tasks cannot be accomplished with Generative Pre-trained Transformer or GPT.

However, some companies are developing design architecture using AI.

ChatGPT, at this point, is only an online-based language model. However, the rise of robotic machines in construction with AI and prefabricated materials will continue to reduce the number of people required for a construction or engineering task.

2. Artistic Director and Public Relations

Account Executive
Art Director
Creative Director
PR Manager

Although OpenAI can never replace Art Directors, their jobs become rare as more creative resources become available online.

Graphic designers and copywriters are critical job components in an advertising, film, or creative agency. However, these can all be replaced by AI, including photography.

Free graphic designing and photo generators are already available online. A few start-up companies have already adopted ChatGPT and DALL-E 2 interfaces for a richer image experience.

For example, you can command ChatGPT to create a graphic image, copy syndicated pictures or photographs, and even make an entire campaign strategy.

However, the ability to combine and create a strategy using these components cannot be done by an

Effective advertising or creative public relationships requires human instinct. Only humans can genuinely connect to fellow humans and motivate them to take action.

3. Psychology-related jobs

Clinical Psychologist
Developmental Therapist
Social Worker
School Counselor

A psychologist or social worker’s physical presence and empathy are comforts no AI can duplicate.

ChatGPT with voice AI can take the role of a virtual therapist, counselor, or life coach. A robotic companion to aid a person with emotional challenges is already commercially available, although in its infancy.

However, diagnosing and prescribing are instinctive based on active and current data that a human can only interpret.

Even if an AI does not have a high emotional quotient to be an effective talk therapist, it can adapt its data to fit a person’s emotional experience.

Medical computer hardware will eventually be incorporated with an AI with voice recognition that can diagnose a person by measuring their vital signs, pulse, pupil dilation, and tone of voice.

However, the physical presence and empathy of a psychologist or social worker are comforts no AI can replicate.

4. Lawyers and Politicians

Criminal Defense Attorney
Corporate Lawyers
Family Law Attorneys
Immigration Lawyers
Trial Lawyers

OpenAI will play an essential role in their decision-making, but only humans have the final say regarding legal and personal matters.

AI has already begun to take the role of virtual lawyering, accountancy, and expert financial advisory. Incorporating it with OpenAI’s ChatGPT with a voice AI will make it seamless.

You can already ask ChatGPT for common legal questions and legal remedies for free. However, AI cannot authorize or sign a legal document. You will still need a lawyer to mark your paper.

Likewise, a politician’s job, even if it’s associated with corruption for the most part, can only be done by a human person. Indeed, citizens would not want an AI to make political decisions for them.

Lawyering and politics require complex decision-making. However, Ai will play a critical role in their decision-making because humans cannot process large amounts of data and provide insights or consider ethical implications.

5. Medical Field Careers and Clinicians

Occupational Therapists
Physical Therapists

The most advanced AI cannot replace compassion, empathy, and the comforting touch of a person in the medical field.

To a certain extent, AI can replace a doctor. Companies like Teledoc provide virtual diagnosis, prognosis, and prescribing for common ailments.

When virtual clinics adopt Voice GPT, the need for a physical doctor will be limited to rare medical cases. There are clinics in Europe and the US that no longer require a doctor to be in the clinic.

An AI can diagnose and even prescribe standard medicine for as long as it has the patient’s medical history. All the patient needs to do is subject himself to a machine that can measure his vitals.

However, Physical Therapy, nursing, and dentistry are jobs that require physical skills that an AI language model cannot replicate.

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