Pinoy Yuka Saso Wins U.S. Women’s Open at Olympic


Filipino-Japanese Yuka Saso wins U.S. Women’s Open at Olympic

Yuka Saso of the Philippines wins U.S. Women’s Open at the Olympics. Saso made history with double Asian Games golf gold in 2018 and has been winning in earlier competitions.

Yuka Saso makes history

Yuka, in her teens, grew up in the Philippines, where she was born. Her father is Japanese, and her mother, a Filipina.

Although Yuka moved to Japan when she was 4 years old, she returned to the Philippines when she turned 9. It was also the time she pursued an interest in golfing while being homeschooled.

An important achievement, Yuka Saso is the first Filipino to win a major golf tournament in the USA.

Yuka is also an awardees of this year’s Gintong Kabataan Award (GKA) and the Provincial Youth, Sports and Public Employment Service Office (PYSPESO), given by the Bulacan government.

Yuka’s proud mom and dad

Her mother Fritzie, who lives in Japan, had mixed feelings when Yuka had to return to the Philippines. She and her mom are like best friends.

Fritzie said in her Facebook post, “… There are times na iniisip ko na is it really right na mag kahiwalay kami most of the time. Pero seeing all her achievements are all worth.

Her mom always asked her, “Anak gusto mo ba talagang maging golfer.?” And Yuka would always say “Opo.”

A disciplined life

As early as 8 years old, Yuka kept a daily routine. She woke up at 5:30 to prepare. Despite her disciplined life, Yuka maintained her sweetness and thoughtfulness, both as a loving daughter and caring “Ate.”

At one time, her mom argued with her dad who kept a strict schedule. He said, “If you want to support Yuka’s dream, then you should be strict too on her daily routine.”

Yuka Saso is inspiration among the growing Filipinos who takes sports golfing, seriously enjoyable.

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