Filipino realist painter Martinez hits the mark!


Filipino realist painter Mark Martinez

Millennial realist painter Mark Martinez was born in Bulacan. He began drawing as early as he could hold a crayon. At ten years old, he did cartoons for his school magazine.

In his teen years, he knew he had the skills, especially for drawing figures, and deciding to pursue art wasn’t easy. There are just too many Filipino artists, so he took advertising as his major.

Martinez graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Advertising at the Technological University of the Philippines, where he further developed his painting style.

He knew he had to be competitive, and the only way to sell art was to be distinct, so he merged classical art and contemporary elements and hit the mark!


On October 8, 2022, “Mrk Mrtnz” successfully launched his first one-man exhibit titled “Salingket” at the famed Boston Art Gallery in Cuba.

Boston Art was the birthplace of “ salingpusa,” where the young masters Emong Borlongan, Ferdie Villanueva, Garibay, Tony Leano, and others began their careers with art collector, curator, and mentor Dr. Joven R. Cuanang. 


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