Filipino Hyperrealist: Neill Onza 


Filipino Hyperrealist: Neill Christian Simon Onza 

It’s critical for an artist to find a unique style, and Neill Onza’s “pop art” combined with hyperrealism is unique and impressive.

His first works blended classic art with his signature “wrap style,” characterized by painting it over with red cloth and string. On first impression, it would seem like the work is just about to be installed.

Initially, he gained prominence in recreating the works of the masters and owning them through his “wrapped” treatment.


Neill Onza recreates Juan Luna’s Solarium and owns it with his unique “wrapped” style in 2023. (Photo: Onza’s Facebook)
Neill Onza copied “The Kiss by Gustav Klimt but owned it by using a unique pop art where he paints over a cloth and string, making it appear “wrapped.” 2023. (Photo: Onza’s Facebook)

Neill Onza is your ordinary teenager with whims and crushes who grew up in Abulug, Cagayan.

In 2022, Onza went viral for his painting “Illusion,” whose subject is the famed actress Kathryn Bernardo. Onza’s unique “wrapped” style makes the hyperrealistic painting unique.

He currently lives in Tuguegarao City, Cagayan province.


Neill Onza painted the famous young Filipina actress Kathlyn Bernardo in 2022. (Photo: Onza’s Facebook)

Realistic painter Mark Martinez recreated classical art a few years ago and combined it with contemporary elements, from the Green Cross alcohol bottle to placing a famous piece of art alongside Jollibee.

Today, Neill Onza, along with his peers Nestor Abayon Jr., Sonny Tolentino, Jarren Dahan, Eloy Munoz, and Ted Penaflor, is the new breed of modern Filipino painters destined to be the future masters of Philippine art.


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