Filipino Americans win in James Beard Award 2023


Filipino Americans Margarita Manzke, Tim Flores, Aaron Versoza, Erwan Heussaff in James Beard Award

Chef Margarita Manzke, known for her exceptional culinary skills, has been honored with the prestigious James Beard Award for Outstanding Pastry Chef.

Manzke, who heads the kitchen at République in Los Angeles, received this esteemed accolade at the James Beard Restaurant and Chef Awards 2023.

The Culinary Oscar

Considered the culinary world’s equivalent of the Oscars, the James Beard Foundation Awards recognize the finest talents in the industry.

Flores, Bugtong, Heussaff, and Verzosa

Alongside Manzke, Tim Flores and Genie Kwon of the Michelin Star and Filipino Kasama restaurant in Chicago triumphed in the Best Chef: Great Lakes category.

Manzke’s victory was particularly notable as she outshone her fellow Filipino contender, Chef Vince Bugtong of San Francisco’s Abacá.

Additionally, Erwan Heussaff was recognized in the Social Media category at the James Beard Foundation Media Awards.

Also, a FilAm, Aaron Verzosa of Archipelago in Seattle, received a nomination for Best Chef: Northwest and Pacific Chef.

This well-deserved accolade marks Manzke’s sixth nomination and solidifies her position as an exceptional pastry chef. Her remarkable contributions to the culinary world continue to inspire and delight food enthusiasts worldwide.

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