Filipino American Peter Groseclose in Winter Olympics


Filipino American Peter Groseclose represents the Philippines in the Winter Olympics

Filipino American athlete Peter Groseclose proudly represented the Philippines at the 2024 Winter Youth Olympics hosted in Gangwon, South Korea.

At just 16 years old, Groseclose displayed his ability and determination by competing in the 500-, 1000-, and 1500-meter races, demonstrating his agility and speed on the ice.

Joining him in proudly bearing the Philippine flag was Laetaz Amihan Rabe, while another athlete of Filipino descent, Avery Balbanida, represented the country in the challenging cross-country skiing event.

Their participation not only highlights the growing presence of Filipino athletes on the international stage but also serves as an inspiration for aspiring athletes across the Philippines and the Filipino diaspora.


Filipino American Peter Grossclose represented the Philippines in the 2024 Winter Olympics in South Korea. Photo: Philippine Olympic Committee

Groseclose in 5th place out of 36 skaters

Concluding the Winter Youth Olympics with pride and resilience, Peter Groseclose secured a commendable 5th place out of 36 talented skaters.

Despite facing a setback due to a nasty cut on his foot, he safely concluded a phenomenal 2023-2024 competitive season. The Philippine Skating Union eagerly anticipates Peter’s promising future representing the Philippines.



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