Fil-Am Barred Entry to PH Unless Dual Citizen


Foreigners outside the Philippines, with exceptions, are temporarily restricted entry effective immediately

Last week, the Bureau of Immigration issued Memorandum No. JHM-2020-004. Effective immediately, TEMPORARY TRAVEL RESTRICTION on inbound foreign nationals during the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ).


Barred are foreigners outside the Philippines (immigrant, non-immigrant, special visas) except for an accredited foreign government; international organization officials and dependents; foreign spouses; children of Filipino nationals; and foreign airline crew.

Filipinos who are “naturalized citizens” of a foreign country like the United States are temporarily barred entry unless they possess dual citizenship.

How citizenship of illegal aliens affect US citizens.

Filipinos who are naturalized citizens of a foreign country are TEMPORARILY barred

Filam citizens visiting the Philippines

Filipino Americans planning to come to the Philippines must check with their airlines to have proper credentials before flying.

Filam Tribune confirmed with the Philippine Consulate in Chicago those who hold a valid Philippine passport are not barred, even if they are American citizens.

Necessary documents when traveling to Philippines

Filipino or any foreigner with dual citizenship (to the Philippines) must bring necessary documents such as original identification as dual citizenship, the oath of allegiance, and approval order, among others. The spouse and children traveling with them are allowed entry.

Those who hold a valid Philippine passport are not barred

How long is the ban?

If you have made plans, the Philippine Consulate is ready to expedite dual citizenship applications.

UPDATE: The ban was lifted in November 2020. However, the ban on non-Philippine citizens arriving from countries officially reporting cases of the new COVID-19 variant to the USA remains effective, according to US-Philippines Embassy.

All airline passengers to the United States ages two years and older must provide a negative COVID-19 viral test taken within three calendar days of travel. 

Check the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website for additional information and Frequently Asked Questions.

US-immigrant and visa application suspended.

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