FGF Supplement For Graceful Aging


The growing market for FGF supplements for healthy and graceful aging

In the evolution of stem cell therapy, growth factor infusion is a critical preparation before treatment as it provides signaling proteins such as Fibroblast Growth Factors or FGFs. Without FGFs and other signaling molecules, stem cells in the body will not know how to perform its task.

FGFs are proteins that signal cells in the body to mobilize, differentiate, and execute the repair of damaged or aging cells. It’s essential for many biological processes, including tissue development, wound healing, and nerve and cell maintenance.

A recent study demonstrated that protein components in Laminine ingredients, such as FGF2, can boost telomerase activity, restoring telomeres. As a result, it can alleviate joint pain by repairing telomere caps (aglet-like ends of the strands of DNA called chromosomes).

Although a formal study has yet to be initiated, the blend of proteins in Laminne effectively helps delay cognitive brain decline.

We know this because an FGF2 gene transfer restores hippocampal functions and has therapeutic implications for neurocognitive disorders. [PNAS]

A study suggests gene therapy with FGF2 is effective in potentially ameliorating cognitive dysfunction after the onset of symptoms.

However, Laminine is NOT a gene therapy, but the finding opens many possibilities when it comes to taking food supplements that have positive consequences for brain health.

Although many Laminine benefits are claimed, antiaging attributes have consistently been its market strategy.

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