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Examples of Mainstream Media Bias


Examples of a Mainstream Media bias that contribute to more division, racism, pushing a left identity politics

Just being white is racist, RT News

Mainstream media, Hollywood, schools contribute to the “victim narrative” of the Black community. “If you’re white, you’re a racist.” Lecturers told to attend seminars to deal with their own “whiteness,” reported RT News.

CNN and NY Times appear to justify violence in BLM protest

A disgruntled ‘Black store owner‘ said to protesters, “You’re liars you wanted to loot the store you need money, get a job as I do, stop stealing.”

CNN correspondent appears to justify looting. In this video, she said, “They don’t know what to do… their response is to lash out.” New York Times reporter said, “Destroying property which can be replaced is not violence.”

Google, Twitter bans conservative media

Twitter banned pro-life group LifeNews, for its anti-abortion stance. It was reinstated after thousands protested online. Conservative media outfits are often accused of “hate speech.”

Likewise, conservative media PragerU banned from advertising on Twitter because of their “conservative ideas.”

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Google’s vice president said PragerU’s video on the 10 Commandments is restricted because it contains the word “murder.” You know, as in “Thou Shalt Not Murder.”

MSNBC, Washington Post cheers as BLM mocks POTUS

Huge ‘Black Lives Matter’ words painted on the street near the White House by DC MayorMSNBC hailed it “yellow middle finger,” mocking Trump, Washington Post cheered.

However, BLM’s reaction was the opposite. BLM wasn’t cheering. They said on Twitter it’s performative, a distraction from their real intent.

CNN cuts off guest debunking Black racism

In 2015, Football Player Benjamin Watson explained on CNN the reason behind racism. He said, “The issue is not skin… it is a sin. Our sin makes us prideful… it makes us lash out to people that don’t look like us…

The only way to cure that is to understand that Jesus Christ died for our sins.” CNN cuts him live. The host said, “just like that, we lost him.”

CNN, MSNBC cuts off guest’ mic disavowing political candidate

In the 2016 presidential election, MSM, CNN, and MSNBC, in a strange coincidence, cut flat-out live TV guests.

According to Dailywire, CNN appears to be protecting Hillary Clinton from critics. CNN’s credibility lost because of media bias shown on this video compilation.

Compilation of CNN & MSNBC Cutting Guests Mics.

Blacks blame “system” for COVID-19 high mortality

Deaths in Democrat-led states during COVID-19 were highest as well as deaths among Black. Mainstream “help echo” the blame to poor health care services, black poverty, discrimination. However, black conservatives reject the media narrative.

The Atlantic, Guardian, Vox headline blames health system

The Guardian gives a damming headline, “The failed, and corrupt response to COVID-19 is killing black businesses, black jobs, black votes, and black people.” Likewise, Vox’s headline said, “The Trump administration blames Covid-19 black mortality rates on poor health. It should blame its policies.”

The Atlantic makes it clear, “Stop Blaming Black People for Dying of the Coronavirus.” Headlines like these bolster the already fragile sentiments of blacks against the “system.” Truth is, hospital care benefit (different from paid health insurance) is open to all people of color – there is no supposed bias.

Ariana Pekary quits, MSNBC ‘Stokes National Division’

Former MSNBC producer wrote an open letter explaining why she left the leftist cable outlet. Ariana slammed MSNBC as a “cancer, stoking national division.” The media is amplifying “fringe voices” and forcing “journalists to make bad decisions daily.” What she said confirms allegations of Candace Owens, that MSM is to blame for racial inequality.

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