Examples of Media Bias


Examples of “mainstream media bias” between liberals and conservatives

2023, NY Times, CNN, AP, Reuters war bias

Israel questioned four international media outlets—Reuters, AP, New York Times, and CNN—as to why they appear to have prior knowledge of the October 7 attacks by Hamas on southern Israel, resulting in over 1,400 deaths and an all-out war against Palestinian terrorists.

This accusation followed an article by the pro-Israel watchdog group ‘Honest Reporting,’ which questioned the outlets’ alleged collaboration with Gaza-based freelance photojournalists. [Al Jazeera]

2023, Conservative host Matt Walsh demonetized

YouTube demonetized Daily Wire host Matt Walsh’s channel for his opinion on trans activist Dylan Mulvaney.

Matt is a devout Catholic who holds deeply conservative values and is against abortion and certain LGBTQ rights that persecute others for their ideology.

There is a wide consensus on the Left that I deserve to be killed,” the podcast Walsh said. He received death threats and blackmail, and his account was hacked, but he said he would never stop speaking the truth.

He was particularly targeted for his documentary on ‘What is a Woman‘ that argues between the ideology of gender and womanhood according to biology.

2022, Media companies ignore Hunter Biden’s story

After taking over Twitter, the new owner Elon Musk revealed documents of alleged companies who censored the “Hunter Biden laptop story” ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

Big Tech Collusion to Protect Biden’s Bid for the Presidency

Evidence confirms that in 2020, certain Twitter staffers colluded with the Biden campaign, according to Fox News. “Other platforms did the same things, apparently to protect Biden’s bid for the presidency.

Twitter took extraordinary steps to suppress the story, removing links and posting warnings that it may be “unsafe.” They even blocked transmission via direct messaging,” said journalist Matt Taibbi.

Media ignores Elon Musk’s evidence

Media giants ABC, CBS, and NBC did not cover the story then, claims Fox News hosts. Facebook and Instagram limited posting on the Hunter story as well. They seem to focus on this one dynamic, they said.

Instead of exposing Musk’s claims, media outlets like Politico said, “Elon Musk is stoking controversy… to steer the platform… more favorable to conservatives…”

In the morning that Elon released the evidence, NBC reported in the evening that “hate speech has increased dramatically” since Musk took over Twitter—again avoiding Musk’s exposé.

2022, Gov. DeSantis “anti-LGBTQ laws hurt teenagers”

In 2022, Florida Governor DeSantis signed the Parental Rights Education Bill. Mainstream media dubbed it the “Don’t Say, Gay Bill,” which sounded bigoted and caused an uproar among liberals.

The bill allows parents a choice if they want their kids to be exposed in LGBTQ education to race issues. But the media presents it as “cruel,” “chilling effects,” and may “hurt teenagers.” [N.Y. Times]

DeSantis was particularly incensed at the growing list of “soft-porn gay books” in school libraries, gender pronouns, and drag queens preaching to kids.

DeSantis is hailed by conservative parents but crucified by mainstream media. [Bloomberg]

2022, Elon Musk, media darling, now crucified

Elon Musk is neither conservative nor liberal. After he bought Twitter in 2022, he reinstated several accounts, which were primarily conservatives, that were flagged “dangerous.”

The liberal media erupted with displeasure. From being a brilliant innovator, the failures of Musk were magnified by media outlets.

  • Vox – “Elon Musk’s Twitter is getting worse.”
  • The Atlantic – “This Is What It Looks Like When Twitter Falls Apart.”
  • CNN – “A day of chaos brings Twitter closer to the brink.”
  • NPR – “Tesla’s shares are sinking.”
  • Time – “Elon Musk Has Lost Sight of What Matters.”
  • NBC News – “Twitter has grown under Elon Musk.”

2022, Omicron scare

A month earlier, news outlets quoted experts who said Omicron was mild and could potentially hasten the Covid pandemic’s end (here, here, here). After Christmas, flu season came, and the news on Omicron began to sound like a new epidemic.

Yahoo, known for its left bias, used phrases like “scary to hear” while others used an oxymoron, “severely mild,” and “not more severe,” making the point grammatically senseless.

media bias

2021, Twitter permanently bans Project Veritas 

According to political pundit Ben Shapiro, Twitter banned James O’Keefe from reporting on CNN. He used long-utilized undercover techniques.”

Actor James O’Keefe founded Project Veritas (Project Truth). Google labels it a “far-right activist group that uses deceptive editing techniques to attack mainstream media. Similarly, Google is also accused of media bias by O’Keefe.

2021, Facebook stops sharing of NY Post; Daily Mail story on BLMco-founder’s expensive home

Newsweek reported that Facebook prevented sharing a New York Post story on Black Lives Matter founder Patrisse Cullors’ home purchase. She is criticized for allegedly buying “four high-end homes for $3.2 million” in a “white neighborhood.”

Facebook also censored DailyMail.com’s story on BLM co-founder’s multi-million dollar purchase. The media labeled it as Cullors’ “L.A. property empire.” Users that wanted to share links about Cullors were prevented from sharing them with a message that said it “couldn’t be shared.” 

Cullors identifies as a Marxist, criticized for her alleged lack of financial transparency from the national BLM organization.

2021, Conservative media NY Post suspended three times by Facebook and canceled by Twitter

Facebook prevented sharing a (conservative media) New York Post article about BLM Patrisse Cullors’ scathing “multi-million homes.” For the third time since last year, Facebook controlled what the news agency shared on its platform.

Last year, “Don’t buy China’s story” was disavowed by Facebook’s “fact-checkers” and prevented it from being shared. In the same year, Candice Owens said, “fact-checkers need fact-checking.”

In October 2020, the NY Post reported a series of articles about President Biden’s son’s “laptop scandal.” Facebook limited its spread while Twitter suspended the NY Post account, though it reinstated it.

2020, MSNBC’ Stokes National Division,’ says ex-producer

In an open letter, former MSNBC producer Ariana Pekary exposed she left the “leftist cable outlet.” She slammed MSNBC as a “cancer, stoking national division.” The media is amplifying “fringe voices” and forcing “journalists to make bad decisions daily.”

Months earlier, MSNBC host Tiffany Cross said, “If you are not a person of color, and millions of people of color…are saying a thing or person is racist, it’s really not your place to say it isn’t.

2020, Media against ‘Alliance Defending Freedom’

ADF, a prominent legal organization that defends Christians facing persecution and cannot access quality legal representation, is sustained primarily by donations from Christian supporters.

In a piece published by The Guardian, ADF was accused of opposing and attacking LGBTQ+ individuals.

Despite this criticism, ADF has achieved numerous victories in courts, including the Supreme Court, for Christians who faced persecution for their beliefs and practices.

2020, The Atlantic, Guardian, and Vox headline points to the health system, encouraging Black sentiments

The Guardian damming headline, “The failed and corrupt response to COVID-19 is killing black businesses, black jobs, black votes, and black people.”

Likewise, Vox’s headline said, “The Trump administration blames Covid-19 black mortality rates on poor health. It should blame its policies.”

The Atlantic makes it clear, “Stop Blaming Black People for Dying of the Coronavirus.” However, there were no conservative politicians blaming Blacks.

CNN twists statistics to make Trump look even worse. Reporters ask presidential candidates very different kinds of questions. It is clear many reporters don’t like Trump or Republicans, Reporter Joe Concha of The Hill said.

Grim future for blacks.

2020, Blacks blame “system” for COVID-19 high mortality, MSM “help echo” sentiments

Deaths in Democrat-led states during COVID-19 were highest, and deaths among Black. Mainstream media “help echo” the blame on poor health care services, black poverty, and discrimination.” However, black conservatives reject this media narrative. [PragerU]

Filipino nurse injects first COVID-19 vaccine.

2020, NY Times, CNN, Vox, CBS, and NBC in unison saying BLM riots are mostly “peaceful,” Stossel reveals

The mainstream media tandem of the New York Times, CNN, Vox, CBS, and NBC all said the same thing—the BLM riots were mostly peaceful. In truth, key democratic cities were ruins.

Reporter Joe Concha said, “We’ve seen billions and billions of dollars in damage… yet you have news organizations saying, ‘this isn’t that bad.'”

Systemic racism a myth?

2020, MSNBC, Washington Post cheers as BLM mocks POTUS’ instead of neutrality as journalists

Huge ‘Black Lives Matter’ words were painted on the street near the White House by DC MayorMSNBC delighted and called it a monument, a “yellow middle finger,” mocking Trump, Washington Post cheered. [News Break]

However, BLM’s reaction was the opposite. BLM wasn’t cheering. They said on Twitter it’s performative, a distraction from their real intent.

Trump Derangement Syndrome.

2020, CNN and the NY Times appear to justify violence in BLM protest

2020, A disgruntled Black store owner said to protesters, “You’re liars. You wanted to loot the store. You need mon; get a job as I do, stop stealing.”

CNN correspondent appears to justify looting. In this video, she said, “They don’t know what to do… their response is to lash out.” A New York Times reporter said, “Destroying property which can be replaced is not violence.”

BLM quotes label them anti-Christian.

2019, Candice Owens rebukes Democrat bias

In a fiery rebuke, political commentator Candace Owens blames Democrats and the media for harping racial division, especially during the election cycle. She also debunks systemic racism perpetuated by MSM.

The hearing was intended to confront white supremacy, where Owens rebuked leftist politicians for fanning racism to win an election.

89% Liberal-Democrats are atheists.

2019, Twitter bans PragerU over 10-commandments post

Likewise, conservative media PragerU banned from advertising on Twitter because of their “conservative ideas.” Google VP said PragerU’s video on the 10 Commandments is restricted because it contains the word “murder,” as in “Thou Shalt Not Murder.”

Trump divides Christians.

2018, “If you’re white, you’re racist,” RT News article

Mainstream media, Hollywood, and schools contribute to the “victim narrative” of the Black community. “If you’re white, you’re a racist.” Lecturers were told to attend seminars to deal with their own “whiteness,” reported RT News.

2018, Pro-Life Life News, banned by Google, Twitter

Twitter banned the pro-life group LifeNews, for its anti-abortion stance. It was reinstated after thousands protested online. Conservative media outfits are often accused of “hate speech.”

2016, CNN, and MSNBC cuts off guests’ mic disavowing political candidate compilation

During the presidential election, MSM, CNN, and MSNBC, in a strange coincidence, cut flat-out live TV guests. According to Dailywire, CNN appears to be protecting Hillary Clinton from critics. CNN’s credibility lost, video compilation show.

Compilation of CNN & MSNBC Cutting Guests Mics.

Examples of Media Bias.

2016, Katie Hopkins calls CNN the “Clinton News Network” because of its media bias

UK conservative editor Katie Hopkins called CNN the “Clinton News Network” because of its consistent support for liberal candidate Hillary Clinton while they trash conservative candidate Donald Trump. [See Trump Derangement Syndrome]

On the other hand, CNN was called the “Hate Trump Network” by its ex-contributors. CNN openly despises conservatives, said former CNN conservative commentators. “CNN’s only identity is being anti-Trump…” Mediaite article said.

Is Trumpism over?

2015, CNN cut off a guest debunking Black racism

Football Player Benjamin Watson explained on CNN the reason behind racism. He said, “The issue is not skin… it is a sin. Our sin makes us prideful… it makes us lash out at people that don’t look like us…

The only way to cure that is to understand that Jesus Christ died for our sins.”

Immediately after conveying what essentially is the Gospel, CNN appears to have cut him off during the live interview. The CNN host said, “Just like that, we lost him.”

No proof of systemic racism?

2014, “Lying Liars”

Michael Brown, a young black teenager from Missouri, was stopped by police for questioning. The media portrayed Brown as a “gentle giant” who raised his hands and pleaded for his life as he looked down the barrel of “racist white police” officer Darren Wilson’s gun.

Media said he held his hands up and yelled, “Don’t shoot,” before he turned and ran. Wilson shot him six times in the back, killing him.

However, it was a lie, according to PragerU, who exposed the other side of the story. Here are the facts:

Officer Wilson observed Brown and his friend because they resembled the robbery suspects. Wilson asked them to use the sidewalk, but Brown declined and initiated a physical altercation. He punched Wilson and tried to grab his gun, prompting Wilson to fire in self-defense, hitting Brown’s hand.

Michael Brown fled, pursued by Wilson. Ignoring repeated commands to halt, Brown charged at Wilson, resulting in Wilson shooting him until he fell.

In other words, there is no evidence that Brown ever held his hands up and yelled, “Don’t shoot.” The media manufactured the whole story, according to Tim Pool.

Mainstream Media Manipulating Mind.


  1. These are not examples of media bias, may you are biased with your points against CNN, MSNBC, or ABC. Fox – they are all the same MSM.

  2. The media has become evil, you can see by how they destroy and brand people with ugly words, just to push what they want. Who pays them anyway?

  3. I think this is all BS! You must have been watching too much news and Facebook! Chill, cable TV and all those media giants CNN and Fox are sure in for the money, but they can’t all be doing it to side with one person.

  4. Your examples of media bias, what have you don’t make sense. Of course, the media will always be bias toward the people who pay. Duh! If anything, Fox too is BIAS.

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