The Evolution of “Woke” into Virtue Signaling


The evolution of ‘woke’ into virtue signaling and double standard

“Woke” now carries the added connotation of virtue signaling, highlighting a perceived double standard. This word has spread beyond its origin and has taken a new meaning in the Philippines.

Celebrities often face criticism for what some see as their performative displays of “wokeness” and hypocrisy. This was exemplified in 2021 when Ricky Gervais spoke against “woke Hollywood elites” during the Golden Globes Awards ceremony.


1. The virtuous Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg has been criticized for her “virtue signaling” and double standards on climate change issues. Some argue her activism is merely symbolic gestures rather than practical solutions.

In other words, Thunberg’s speeches and social media presence are more political than addressing the issue.

Critics also accused Thunberg of hypocrisy for using air travel to attend climate conferences and events, which contradicts her message of reducing carbon emissions. Additionally, she endorses vegan alternatives that may still have a significant carbon footprint.

In 2023, the Faculty of Theology of the University of Helsinki conferred an honorary doctorate on Thunberg for her advocacy.


Austrian World Summit Climate Kirtag 2019 (Wiki Creative Commons, Bundesministerium)

2. Lebron James is “the king”

Conservative pundit Candace Owens who said, “Police brutality against Blacks is a myth,” blasted LeBron James for his double standard.

Lebron advocates for black people by unfairly targeting privileged white individuals while he lives in a 100 million dollar mansion that white people protect.

Owens loudly criticized him for trying to “look good” before black Americans, yet not speaking the truth about black-on-black crimes as the main reason for high crimes among blacks.

3. Harry and Meghan, the “Royal Woke”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle seemed to have become the poster child of royal wokeness. After giving up royal privileges, they moved to the USA at the height of wokeism in 2020.

Their objective is to live a simpler life—away from the clutches of “The Firm” that Meghan faulted.

Harry joined his wife in a scathing interview, a tell-all memoir, a carefully planned Netflix documentary, a podcast, and public appearances.

Critics accused them of hypocrisy for demanding privacy. At the same time, they also publicly air their grievances and personal struggles.

4. Hollywood’s selective outrage

In 2023, Black comedian Chris Rock called wokeness “selective outrage.” Although he agrees with much of what wokeism is, he criticized the double standard.

For example, Rock made a pun at Will Smith’s “slap outrage” by calling out his and his wife Jada’s “entanglement.”

Billie Eilish joins the long list of woke artists. In 2021, she threatened to pull out of her show in Texas after it banned abortion beyond five weeks.

Outraged, she said, “It’s you, guys, that are the f… victims,” but what she told inadvertently advocates infanticide.

5. Wokeists playing favorites

“Baby, It’s Cold Outside” is a well-loved romantic Christmas song written in 1944. In 2018, several radio stations in the US and Canada announced they would stop playing it.

The “woke Millenials” were triggered by the lyrics that, to some of them, sounded like “date rape” and perpetuated toxic masculinity.

Two years after, Cardi B’s WAP (Wet Pussy) was number one on Billboard. Although it suggests “glorifying prostitution,” radio stations kept playing it. The music video also had demonic elements and was criticized for its soft porn theme.

The WAP included lyrics “a mop for this wet pussy,” beat it up, the “n” word, extra large, and “extra hard put this pussy right in your face like a credit card.”

6. The gray area of Angela Davis

Socialist and Marxist Professor Angela Davis is a celebrated intellectual and political activist known for her work on issues of race, gender equality, and social justice.

In 1970, she was on one of the FBI’s Ten most wanted list. She was an activist and member of the Communist Party USA. She was later acquitted of all charges.

During her interview with Henry Louis Gate Jr. at PBS in 2023, Gate revealed, to her disbelief, that her ancestor was one of the 101 white people who sailed in the Mayflower.

Davis is an evangelist for anti-white racism in America. She also introduced the idea of reparation to bring justice for her Black ancestors, according to PragerU.

As a woke person, it would be difficult for Davis not to have double standards now that the whiteness she persecutes runs in her vein.


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