Don’t Say Gay Bill: False Narrative of Media


Parental Rights in Education aka Don’t Say Gay Bill: A false narrative of mainstream media says Amala Ekpunob

In 2022, Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis signed the controversial Parental Rights in Education bill to “Protect Children, Support Parents.” Mainstream media began calling it the “Don’t Say Gay Bill” that took on a bigoted meaning.

Gov. Ron DeSantis argues that public schools should focus on teaching core academics, not on pushing a liberal ideology and that parents have the right to know what is being taught in the classroom,” the New York Times.

“Protect Children, Support Parents”


New York Times article reads “Teachers Look Over Their Shoulder,” a kind of fear that the bill is not explicitly or implicitly saying, explains PragerU’s Amala Ekpunob.

Parental Rights in Education aim to give parents a choice

Amala Ekpunob, the host of Unapologetic, exposed the false narrative media perpetuates.

Many were upset with the bill because some said it aims to erase African American history and ban classroom instruction (about LGBTQ) for kids and cause fear and trepidation for pro-LGBTQ teachers.

Part of the bill actually says: “The school must dedicate time to talking about African-American history, including slavery, and Jim Crow and all these different things…,” she said.

The bill never said, “you should not say the word gay,” either. Expunob further explained the troubling non-academic curriculum that began to spread in many liberal states in 2021 wouldn’t help improve a child’s academic performance in math or reading.

In 2022, the national math and reading scores hit historic laws. The literacy rate in America is falling while Asians continue to excel.


LGBTQ “Woke indoctrination”

In the last two years, Critical Race Theory (CRT) and LGBTQ empowerment has trickled in many public schools.

In 2022, a growing number of parents pushed back against LGBTQ “soft porn books in libraries.” Drag Queens can read books in the school library, yet conservative “value-based” books were not allowed.

Gov. DeSantis admits he wants to stop the apparent indoctrination of kids in schools.

Following woke indoctrination in our schools, that is a road to ruin for this country… we’re not going to let it happen in Florida.[NPR]


Parental Rights Bill is about curriculum transparency

The governor is pushing for curriculum transparency. He wants parents to know if their kids are being taught (or indoctrinated) about having two dads or moms, navigating sexual pleasure or race theories, and having the option to excuse their kids with these instructions.

Why do teachers feel the need to inject these conversations into classrooms without parents knowing? I think a great way to mitigate this problem is to engage in curriculum transparency (which is what the bill is all about),” Amala added.


Amala Ekpunob corrects mainstream media’s misnomer and false narrative about the “Don’t say gay bill.”

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