Philadelphia Grapples With Rising Crime


Pennsylvania’s Democrat stronghold Philadelphia, grapples with rising crime, after progressive policies

Philadelphia, a city in Pennsylvania, is a Democratic stronghold of the state. Recently, the city surpassed 500 homicides committed in the year 2021—blamed on its District Attorney Larry Krasner.

Gabe Kaminsky of Dailywire reported that the D.A. reduced prosecutions:

Recent data indicate that Philadelphia, where crime declined in the early 2010s, is now the second-deadliest city in the United States behind Chicago. As the Philadelphia Inquirer recently put it, “There’s only been one day so far this year – Jan. 2 – when not a single person was shot in the city.” The city experienced a 30-year homicide high in 2020. So far this year, homicides are up more than 24% and shootings more than 25%, according to data from the Philadelphia Police Department.

“The epidemic of gun violence in Philadelphia is out of control, and our elected officials in the city need to step up and take responsibility,” said Nick Gerace, a retired longtime Philadelphia police officer and president of Protect Our Police PAC.

Prosecutions have fallen dramatically under Larry Krasner, the city’s progressive district attorney sparred with [Philadelphia Mayor Jim] Kenney. As it stands, 65% of gun charges have been dismissed or withdrawn this year, marking a 17% increase since 2015. In 2015, there were 375 guilty pleas; in 2020, just 148.

Pennsylvania, the second-deadliest city behind Chicago.


Defunding the police, a hallmark of Liberal-Democrat policy

In the summer of 2021, the City Council voted to cut police funding by a whopping $33 million for the fiscal year. Pennsylvania’s Democrat mayor agreed to eliminate a $19 million increase and cut existing funding by $14 million.

Frank Rizzo’s statue was removed at the height of the BLM protest in 2020. It is seen as a symbol of racism and police brutality. The former mayor and police commissioner were accused of “police abuse” when he served about six decades ago.

His brash intolerance of mostly Black people, who committed the most crime, was unacceptable. However, leniency and “progressive laws” seem to have turned city crime out of control.


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