Asian ‘Hate Crimes’ Surge in New York


Crimes against Asian-Americans surge in New York City blamed on pandemic and calls to defund police

A string of discrimination for simply looking Asian made it risky for Asian Americans to live in Democrat cities like New York. Much of it is attributed to the pandemic that began in China. But the call to defund police in NYC likely made it worse.

China virus

Then-President Trump was guilty of triggering more “hate crimes” when he repeatedly said “Chinese coronavirus” to blame China. Mainstream media called it the “Wuhan virus.”

Then-President Trump guilty of triggering more “hate crimes.”

Asian Lives Matter.

New York crimes surge

  • Shootings and murders skyrocketed in 2020. NYC’s shootings alone doubled in 2020.
  • Burglaries shot up by 42% car thefts soared by 67%, officials said in 2020.
  • Subway crimes surge in 2021, emptying NYC’s subway system, reports NY Times.
  • The NYPD reported 77 shootings in February 2021, an uptick of 75 percent from the 44 acts of gunplay in 2020, said NY Post.

According to DW’s Luke Rosiak, violent, unprovoked crimes against Asians have become endemic. This is on top of a massive exodus of businesses leaving the Big Apple. The same trend is seen in Democrat states like California and Illinois.

The list of “Asian hate crimes” gets longer. Adding to the list was the daughter of a New York Senator, Moynihan, after she allegedly told the wife of Asian Dan Lee to go back to China.

Is it still worth it to live in New York?

NYPD cancels 1,200-person police recruiting class 

The crime surge may be a result of the 1 Billion cut target from NYPD’s budget. Democrat leaders joined the bandwagon to defund the police and claimed, “We have made progress” (against systemic racism).

De Blasio’s wife calls on citizens to help

Chirlane McCray, the wife of Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio, wants citizens to personally “physically intervene” to stop violent crimes nine months after she convinced her husband to join BLM’s demands to “defund the police!”

Defund the police!

Study: Conservatives are more egalitarian.

Minneapolis: The poster child of liberal policies.

Filipinos in New York Metropolis

New York immigrants like Mrs. Corazon told Filam Tribune that she is now considering returning to the Philippines amidst trouble in New York. But her main reason was really America’s growing liberal politics.

Randolf, a Filipino nurse, living in Queens, said, “I don’t want to leave New York, but I’m avoiding the subway for now.”

History of Filipino immigrants to the USA.

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