Conservatives Under Attack?


A Polarized Nation: Liberals have dominated America and clash with religious conservatives with increasing intensity that began with the 2016 presidential election

Tucker Carlson

In 2022, Jennifer Lawrence, star of Hunger Games, revealed her strained relationship with her conservative family and shared her “recurring nightmares” involving conservative Fox News host Tucker Carlson. Interestingly, she did not experience such nightmares with her mentor, convicted sex offender Harvey Weinstein.

Trumpism started it all

Tucker Carlson faces backlash for supporting ex-President Trump, with CNN being the first to criticize him. He’s been ridiculed and harassed in public, and he’s claimed he can’t eat at restaurants due to people shouting at him.

Likewise, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Trump’s press secretary then, faced a similar situation as other conservative figures attached to the Trump presidency.

Widespread division over ideologies

The 2016 and 2021 elections have divided families. Friends unfriended each other over politics. It also inspired a new cancel culture, a mix of social justice and political ideology.

For example, conservative Catholic student Nick Sandmann was accused of racism, and another teenager was banned from school for wearing a MAGA hat associated with Trump.

“Woke Warriors” attacked actor Chris Pratt and Kevin Sorbo said he’s ‘blacklisted by Hollywood for being a religious conservative.

Likewise, veteran actor James Woods was suspended from Twitter for his anti-liberal meme and canceled in social media for his conservative opinions.

For years, left-liberal pundits tried to crucify clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson, but his followers just kept on growing.

Peterson is perhaps the most popular conservative pundit. Millions follow his lectures that promote personal responsibility and conservative values based on Biblical morals.

He is also anti-abortion and has frowned upon same-sex marriage, gender identity, and the use of “outlandish gender pronouns.”

In 2023, the College of Psychologists of Ontario warns of a potential suspension of his medical license for his public views.


Social media inspires more division against conservatives

Twitter is heavily criticized for its left-liberal bias that billionaire Elon Musk wanted to buy the company to protect “free speech.”

For so long, conservative voices have been silenced by social media giants Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and even vendors like Amazon.

Trump’s presidency and all those who support his conservative stand have increasingly faced criticism. Hence, new phrases like Trumpism and cancel culture.


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