CNN Philippines Presents Kain Na!


Three Filipino-American chefs embark on a culinary journey around the Philippines to rediscover their roots and introduce more Filipino flavors to the rest of the world.

Proudly Pinoy Chefs from the USA take a taste tour of the wonderful flavors of the Philippines. Through the Department Tourism, CNN Philippines produced a TV show that will bring you from Apari to Jolo.

Kain na! premiers in CNN Philippines

A typical carinderia in the Philippines. This one is in the city of Ilo-Ilo.

Sharing, bonding – Kain na!

Kain na! is a common expression of Filipinos. It means inviting, sharing, bonding, and be together. A true reflection of Filipino identity. It’s Pinoy hospitality at its best.

DOT Secretary Berna Puyat explained that the Filipino food is already Filipino tourism. Instead of just promoting the country, she wants to promote our food. “We have 7,100 islands, you can imagine how much food they can taste,” she said.

She wants these famous Pinoy-American chefs to discover local Pinoy ingredients, from farm to table, and learn the rich taste of the Philippine cuisine that they can bring with them.

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We have 7,100 islands, you can imagine how much food they can taste.

Chefs Tabura, Olalia, and Cunanan, with DOT Secretary Berna Puyat (left), at a local palengke.

Chef Grant ‘Lanai’ Tabura

Hawaii based chef and TV personality host, Cooking Hawaiian Style.

Charles Olalia

Known for his Longaniza burger at his LA restaurant, Ma’am Sir.

Chef Tom Cunanan

Award winning Washington based chef of Bad Saint DC.

Our cuisine is a cuisine of sharing

Filipino “kasabihan” if you’re able to shake a farmer’s hand and eat with him, that’s an experience of knowing what you eat, who you eat for, and what it means to your soul. It is really about sharing it with the person who cooked it, whose eating it, and who farmed it.

Look at any Filipino recipe book. There’s not one single recipe that says this is good for one; it’s always that it serves 6 or 12.” That’s how we are; it’s sharing, said Chef, Artist, and Food Historian Claude Tayag. Our food is the best way to get to know us, and now we can share it with the world.

There’s not one single recipe that says this is good for one; it’s always that it serves 6 or 12.

Originally filmed in November 2019, CNN premiered the food-documentary last June 27, 2020.

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