Jordan Peterson Criticizes APA on Trans Guidelines


Clinical Psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson criticizes the American Psychology Association over its transgender guidelines

Clinical Psychologist Jordan Peterson and a celebrated modern intellectual chides the American Psychology Association (APA) for its trans guidelines that are dangerous and immoral.

He has often spoken against gender pronouns and has repeatedly said he will not cede the linguistic territory to radical ideologues. He said, We are sacrificing our children on the altar of a brutal, far-left ideology.”

Peterson’s eye on APA’s radical new guidelines

The American Psychological Association (APA) is the body charged with establishing the norms and ideals for clinical practice worldwide. “Some of their ‘guidelines’ are appalling…,” he said.

According to APA, psychologists understand that gender is a ‘nonbinary construct that allows for a range of gender identities and that a person’s gender identity may not align with sex assigned at birth.” [Guideline 1]


Democrats, doctors call it ‘Gender Affirming Care’

Since 2015, a number of medical doctors have recommended children for chemical castration and gender mutilation. In 2021, President Biden doubled down on ‘Gender-Affirming Care.’ [Scott Nugent]

Dr. Peterson was appalled when he saw a video featuring an American surgeon bragging that he had performed more than 3,000 double mastectomies on young women.


The Psychological Association’s “trans-affirmative” care

APA’s ‘Task Force on Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Transgender and Gender Nonconforming People (TGNC)’ insists that psychologists and other professional counselors offer “trans-affirmative” care.

Standards are changing, and those in Peterson’s field of medicine have surrendered to this groupthink.


Gender reassignment surgery spikes

In 2018, there was a 4,515% increase in teens who sought sex reassignment surgery. In 2021, American public schools began implementing policies to support gender pronouns.

Author Abigael Shrier calls it the transgender craze that’s plaguing America.

In 2022, President Joe Biden endorsed the transgender movement by inviting a popular trans- TikToker to express his support for the community.

One begs to ask, can we still trust psychologists if they no longer hold on to science but ideology?

“We have crossed the line from ideological possession to active malevolence—and we are multiplying our sin by attributing our appalling actions to ‘compassion.'” Heaven helps us. Indeed, he said.

Jordan Peterson is an intellectual atheist who recently found peace knowing that the Christian God of the Bible is real.


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