Anglican Church to Change God’s Pronoun


The Anglicans or a Church of England commission plans to change God’s pronouns for ‘inclusivity’

The Church of England is considering switching up its religious teachings by changing the pronouns used for God in a move towards “inclusivity,” according to Complex UK

The CoE confirmed that its Liturgical Commission had launched a unique project to examine updating future teachings, which will be put in place later this year.

“After some dialogue between the two Commissions in this area, a new joint project on gendered language will begin this spring,” said Rev Dr. Michael Ipgrave, Bishop of Lichfield and vice-chair of the liturgical commission responsible for the change.

Same-sex marriage approved in 2023

COE’s governing body, the General Synod, voted last February 9, 2023, to allow priests to bless same-sex couples and apologize for the church’s past treatment of LGBTQ people, according to AP News.

“Our Father and Mother”

According to The NY Post, some priests have already made such changes, trading references to “he” and “him” for simply “God” or even “they” and “them” and rewriting the “Our Father” that starts the Lord’s Prayer to “Our Father and Mother.”

However, there are no current plans just yet to use a gender-neutral pronoun for God. Still, the war on gender pronouns has significantly gained traction since President Biden took office.


The Church of England (C of E) is the established Christian church in the UK and the mother church of the international Anglican Communion. (Photo: COE website)

The EEB Language Project

The year 2023 could be the trend of removing or replacing gender pronouns. According to the Evolutionary Biology (EEB) Language Project, the terms male and female should not be used in science because they assume sex is binary.

Traditional sexes should instead be referred to as “sperm-producing” and “egg-producing, to avoid reinforcing “heteronormative views.” [Times of London]

EEB comprises primarily young women with PhDs from the United States and Canada.

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